24 November 2008

Bloody Vampires

This is gross... but you know that joke about lesbian vampires? Oh, I forget how it goes... and even if I remembered it I probably wouldn't type it out...

Well, Mike and I have been trading questions like a tennis match all weekend over Twilight and the rest of the series by Stephenie Myer about vamps, teen angst and other creepy crawlies (oh yes, that's right ladies and gents... my hubby is reading it with me! Actually, he started first and is a whole books length ahead of me. I actually mentioned the books a few months back when the last one was released knowing I was inviting my about-to-be-THIRTY hubby to the idea of reading a series catered to the 11-15 year old girl demographic but I also know how obsessed he was with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel... My husband is apparently a 14-year-old girl on the inside. Sigh).

Then, it hit me... Teenage girl.. Hormones... Umm.. Period?
That's right... I googled "what does Edward do when Bella has her period?"


He can barely be around her anyways because her scent is so strong... what does he do when she's bleeding actively for 4-5 days?? I mean, in New Moon, when she gets a paper cut at her birthday party it causes an absolute mayhem of craziosity forcing the Cullens family to split Forks and Bella to suffer immense heartache... so much for "Have a Happy Period"...

And apparently, I'm not the only one concerned with Bella's menstration. Here's the first few results from google:
Yahoo! Answers doesn't consist of the brightest crayons in the box... but they'll do. 14 answers? Sheesh.

Then, of course, Mrs. Meyer had to confront the question herself.

Several people on the Yahoo! board answered "read the book", so I am assuming that maybe the book addresses the issue... but how could I not wonder?

I know. Eww. An entire post about a fictional character's Aunt Flow. I might need counseling.

22 November 2008

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

I'm at a bit of a blogging crossroads. Blogger has been giving me a headache for, well.. since I've had the account but I've kept it for several reasons. I enjoy having it linked to all my other google stuff: like reader and email. I think the layout is simple, but flexible in that I can edit html (minimally, of course). Oh... and did I mention I've got my darn hands full with the boys? Grief... Conner has pnemonia (like... as in... a freaking chest xray proving just that)... and Chase is just himself. Wait... did I get off subject?


Oh yes...I hate that blogger gives me grief about pictures and uploads. It has eaten countless entries. I also think I'd enjoy having a more adaptable template and a new look. There's only so much you can move around on blogger.
So, I'm debating... do I move to wordpress? I don't think I want to pay for typepad... and those are my "big name" options. I've heard that wordpress is more flexible, and I also like the way they handle comments and trackbacks. There isn't a seperate page for making comments, which means that on my iphone it's one less page to load. This means nothing when talking about actually blogging, but I know personally I prefer reading wordpress blogs when on my iphone. So, readability is a plus.
A bit of research turned up many of the same sentiments. I also found a mommy blogger with a talent for the technicals. Mama Blogger is AMAZING and did several posts on this very topic: Blogger v. Wordpress
Here's the comparison.
Why She Misses Blogger.
Wordpress Glory.

She also has the Ultimate Guide to Migrating from Blogger to Wordpress. She rocks.

So... Should I stay or should I go now?

17 November 2008

Product Review: NeotoGo

Slave to the “targeting all moms!” commercials I’m bombarded with day in and day out, I bought NeoToGo in efforts to gallantly swoop in like a white night(ess) and save my precious toddler from the onslaught of germ intruders in the Land of all That is Healthy (and So Fresh and So Clean Clean).

Its convenient packaging was also a major influence.

I waited around for a coupon, but none surfaced. So, on an impulse buy I purchased the NeoToGo for a little under $6.00 at my local Target (it was on an end cap near the sodas and YOU-KNOW-YOU-NEEEEED-ME Candy Bars).
It attaches to your keychain, which rocks, but also adds to my unbelievably cluttered keychain. Can you believe I carry this thing around, EVERYWHERE?!

On the Upside: Convenient. Not messy. Easier to access than a tube of Neosporin (as we all know that would get destroyed in my purse and I’d end up with a shellacked and rain-proof catchall. Sigh. Who needs more goop when you’ve got a handbag full of sugar cookie leftovers, candy wrappers, goldfish and spilled juice?)

On the Downside: It was difficult to spray (as difficult as spraying can be, at least). The trigger on top doesn’t work 50% of the time. When it does spray, it’s sometimes not enough. I question how long it will last, as it appears very small and requires multiple spray attempts before reaching (what I consider) an adequate coating.

Buy worthy? Maybe. Depends on your child’s ability to hurt himself/herself in a padded room and your personal level of OHMYGOSH. GERMS. STAPH. DEATH. FROM A BOO-BOO! Oh dear.

I have used it a few times for playground mishaps and questionable cuts that I notice away from home. This doesn’t substituted proper wound washing or necessary Band-Aids, but it is good for a quick de-germing.

All the Technicals:
Size: About 2 ½ inches long, 1 inch in width
Amount: 0.26 fl oz per container, spray
Website: Neosporin.com

From The Big Boys:
First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray
First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray is specially designed to fit anywhere to give you infection protection, anytime, anywhere.
Durable, non-aerosol spray fits anywhere
Designed for easy, one-handed use
No touch, no sting application

Personal Best, A Story of Consumerism: When Chase was 6 months old, the family ventured up to the pond in our neighborhood. After an hour or so of fishing, the hubby and Conner readied their last hook and prepared to cast away. Chase and I stood a good distance away, behind them a good 8 feet and to the left. But with wind a factor, Mike cast once and the line caught. Trying again, but with too much force, he swung violently and the hook flung back, catching Chase in the EYEBROW. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? I panicked and in one fluid motion ripped the hook out of his brow and ran like a mad woman to the car a few feet back, grabbed my trusty NeoToGo, sprayed a few sprays on my finger, then swiped it across my newly pierced, screaming newborn. Oh the horror. Luckily, the barb didn’t go through and the quick germ fighting action of this product saved my sanity.

Hurray for impulse buys!

It bought me enough time to fly Chase back and disinfect him to the 10th level of cleanliness. Which, for the record, is only one level shy of dunking him in a tub of bleach and burning off the first 5 layers of him epidermis. Nice.

16 November 2008

Make a Cake or Two. Ok, One.

I made a cake last night from a box of yellow cake mix. I was celebrating my Alma Mater's amazing win to put us at 11-0 for the season (in the best way to celebrate - EAT CAKE!).

Thing is: a box of cake mix is supposed to make 2 9-inch round cakes.

But after I got ahold of the cake batter, and then my hubby, and my 3 1/2 year old.... well, only one cake made it into the oven.

That's right, we ate an entire cake's worth of yellow cake batter.

Once again proving, I'm totally "that" mom.

15 November 2008

Oh. Food!

Recently, I discovered blogchef.net, which mainly consists of asian-inspired cuisine, delictable desserts, and mexican dish recipes. (Great site, easy recipes, lots of pics... I've made his stir-fry rice [realizing I need to purchase a Wok if I want *perfect* stir-fry], his Crab Rangoons, and his recipe for Sweet & Sour Sauce is great)

Last night, I made these, Mexican Pizzas! It was yummmmmmy. I used a mix of Colby and Jack cheese, and sprinkled a few finely chopped jalepenos on mine. I also prefer all things "not chunky", so I subsituted regular tomatos and salsa (seeing as I am allergic and all...) with my oh-so-yummy staple Ortega Think & Smooth Taco Sauce. Additionally, after browning the meat, I added a packet of Taco Seasoning (following the directions of the packet) to give it a little extra kick.

Oh, and I think I might have cooked rice to add some filler.

You should try these, it was simple and filling!

14 November 2008

I spoke too soon.

We are on day DEARSWEETHEAVENSCANSOMEONEHELP 10 of the I'm Going to Have Teeth, NOW Marathon. With a week plus of no sleep (for BOTH of us), countless amounts of the Tylenol/Ibuprofen Dance, 2 boxes of Teething Biscuits (or were those for the dogs...), and 3 days without a real meal, Chase has THREE WHOLE TEETHIES!

Con, on the other hand, has an ear infection and his fair share of the Tylenol/Ibuprofen Dance but with Amoxicillin. He is also not eating. Apparently, they know how bad the economy is and have decided to pitch in and help.

I promise to return to blogging as soon as my head stops spinning and I get a little rest/laundry/football-watching finished.

With that, I'll leave you with a Roll Tide.

05 November 2008

The 5th of November

Since I don't even own a traditional baby book for Chase let it be known on The Internets that today, uh...the 5th of Novemeber, he cut his First Tooth.

10 1/2 months of tooth-free nursing. Sigh.

Remember, remember...

John Piper

On the Election.

I'm not big on watching YouTube, nor do I spend any real amount of time researching different advocate's opinions on anything, really, but I do enjoy this particular segment from John Piper on the election for a few reasons:

1) I just really love how he speaks. It's well-tempered, concise and meaningful (to me).
2) He makes a very valid point - that this is God's will... He already knew who'd win this election.
3) We aren't going to "Hell in a Handbasket" no matter who wins - because frankly, it HAS to end anyway...
4) These "crazy" people who are SO UNBELIEVABLY VESTED in this election need a slap in the face - it's ABOUT MORE THAN WHO IS PRESIDENT. We need a leader, not a rock star.

So, here's the clip. I hope you take the time to enjoy it.

01 November 2008

Bootacularlylicous. Warning: Lots of Pics!

Preface: I spent an hour trying to get my poop of a camera to upload things properly to blogger, and I THOUGHT I had... but apparently not seeing as the pics giving me grief are now huge and not properly sized. So, to view the whole pic, click on those of interest. Thanks!

The Neighbors put on a smashing good time this year for the All Hallow's Eve Bash 2-oh-oh-8. First, we started out as the biggest and best trick-or-treat train in the WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD!

(Thanks Lauren and Rob for the pics... without me asking...)

Conner tried trick-or-treating, but honestly he was thinking "Umm. Dude. You do realize you are giving away perfectly good candy, right?"

He was also not interested in pictures...

Then, we trick-or-treated back to the Halloween Bash (with exception to Chase & I scurrying ahead of the pack with a few other couples for a much needed diaper change...)

The party was wicked fun, too. Lots of yummy food, the boys had a ball playing games, eating WAY too much candy, watching Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin and wishing they could play the Wii set up on a giant screen in the backyard! How cool is this??:

We also walked away with some awesome "prizes":

And I even made a few "Ghostly Bowling Pins" on the fly a-la stuff from around the house/garbage:


The Monkey and The Dinosaur had a great Halloween. Thanks to The Neighbors for the invite (and the candy. and the pizza. and the games. and cleaning up all the mess.... etc etc etc).









Here's to TURKEY DAY!

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