24 November 2008

Bloody Vampires

This is gross... but you know that joke about lesbian vampires? Oh, I forget how it goes... and even if I remembered it I probably wouldn't type it out...

Well, Mike and I have been trading questions like a tennis match all weekend over Twilight and the rest of the series by Stephenie Myer about vamps, teen angst and other creepy crawlies (oh yes, that's right ladies and gents... my hubby is reading it with me! Actually, he started first and is a whole books length ahead of me. I actually mentioned the books a few months back when the last one was released knowing I was inviting my about-to-be-THIRTY hubby to the idea of reading a series catered to the 11-15 year old girl demographic but I also know how obsessed he was with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel... My husband is apparently a 14-year-old girl on the inside. Sigh).

Then, it hit me... Teenage girl.. Hormones... Umm.. Period?
That's right... I googled "what does Edward do when Bella has her period?"


He can barely be around her anyways because her scent is so strong... what does he do when she's bleeding actively for 4-5 days?? I mean, in New Moon, when she gets a paper cut at her birthday party it causes an absolute mayhem of craziosity forcing the Cullens family to split Forks and Bella to suffer immense heartache... so much for "Have a Happy Period"...

And apparently, I'm not the only one concerned with Bella's menstration. Here's the first few results from google:
Yahoo! Answers doesn't consist of the brightest crayons in the box... but they'll do. 14 answers? Sheesh.

Then, of course, Mrs. Meyer had to confront the question herself.

Several people on the Yahoo! board answered "read the book", so I am assuming that maybe the book addresses the issue... but how could I not wonder?

I know. Eww. An entire post about a fictional character's Aunt Flow. I might need counseling.


  1. vampire periods?... i guess there could be worse things to worry about :) i read the 14 answers and realized i never knew periods were "dead" blood so to speak. this blog has spun me into a weird train of thought...

  2. I guess it makes "sense" and all seeing as it isn't just blood but a lining... shedding the egg and all that jazz. But still, it's interesting the the author had to think of an answer for her characters. On several sites it stated that she'd been asked this very question countless times. Sorry about the crazy questions, hope you weren't tripping or anything.. j/k HA!

    No seriously.


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