14 November 2008

I spoke too soon.

We are on day DEARSWEETHEAVENSCANSOMEONEHELP 10 of the I'm Going to Have Teeth, NOW Marathon. With a week plus of no sleep (for BOTH of us), countless amounts of the Tylenol/Ibuprofen Dance, 2 boxes of Teething Biscuits (or were those for the dogs...), and 3 days without a real meal, Chase has THREE WHOLE TEETHIES!

Con, on the other hand, has an ear infection and his fair share of the Tylenol/Ibuprofen Dance but with Amoxicillin. He is also not eating. Apparently, they know how bad the economy is and have decided to pitch in and help.

I promise to return to blogging as soon as my head stops spinning and I get a little rest/laundry/football-watching finished.

With that, I'll leave you with a Roll Tide.

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  1. Adlay is cutting her top 2 teeth and until now I had forgotten how truly AWFUL a teething child can be. My ped gave me a tip that seems to work. Rub Kid's Benadrel on their gums, it numbs then without the yucky stuff in Baby Orajel. I don't know if it's a placebo affect on me or if it actual helps but it seems to make her less fussy.


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