17 November 2008

Product Review: NeotoGo

Slave to the “targeting all moms!” commercials I’m bombarded with day in and day out, I bought NeoToGo in efforts to gallantly swoop in like a white night(ess) and save my precious toddler from the onslaught of germ intruders in the Land of all That is Healthy (and So Fresh and So Clean Clean).

Its convenient packaging was also a major influence.

I waited around for a coupon, but none surfaced. So, on an impulse buy I purchased the NeoToGo for a little under $6.00 at my local Target (it was on an end cap near the sodas and YOU-KNOW-YOU-NEEEEED-ME Candy Bars).
It attaches to your keychain, which rocks, but also adds to my unbelievably cluttered keychain. Can you believe I carry this thing around, EVERYWHERE?!

On the Upside: Convenient. Not messy. Easier to access than a tube of Neosporin (as we all know that would get destroyed in my purse and I’d end up with a shellacked and rain-proof catchall. Sigh. Who needs more goop when you’ve got a handbag full of sugar cookie leftovers, candy wrappers, goldfish and spilled juice?)

On the Downside: It was difficult to spray (as difficult as spraying can be, at least). The trigger on top doesn’t work 50% of the time. When it does spray, it’s sometimes not enough. I question how long it will last, as it appears very small and requires multiple spray attempts before reaching (what I consider) an adequate coating.

Buy worthy? Maybe. Depends on your child’s ability to hurt himself/herself in a padded room and your personal level of OHMYGOSH. GERMS. STAPH. DEATH. FROM A BOO-BOO! Oh dear.

I have used it a few times for playground mishaps and questionable cuts that I notice away from home. This doesn’t substituted proper wound washing or necessary Band-Aids, but it is good for a quick de-germing.

All the Technicals:
Size: About 2 ½ inches long, 1 inch in width
Amount: 0.26 fl oz per container, spray
Website: Neosporin.com

From The Big Boys:
First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray
First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray is specially designed to fit anywhere to give you infection protection, anytime, anywhere.
Durable, non-aerosol spray fits anywhere
Designed for easy, one-handed use
No touch, no sting application

Personal Best, A Story of Consumerism: When Chase was 6 months old, the family ventured up to the pond in our neighborhood. After an hour or so of fishing, the hubby and Conner readied their last hook and prepared to cast away. Chase and I stood a good distance away, behind them a good 8 feet and to the left. But with wind a factor, Mike cast once and the line caught. Trying again, but with too much force, he swung violently and the hook flung back, catching Chase in the EYEBROW. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? I panicked and in one fluid motion ripped the hook out of his brow and ran like a mad woman to the car a few feet back, grabbed my trusty NeoToGo, sprayed a few sprays on my finger, then swiped it across my newly pierced, screaming newborn. Oh the horror. Luckily, the barb didn’t go through and the quick germ fighting action of this product saved my sanity.

Hurray for impulse buys!

It bought me enough time to fly Chase back and disinfect him to the 10th level of cleanliness. Which, for the record, is only one level shy of dunking him in a tub of bleach and burning off the first 5 layers of him epidermis. Nice.
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