03 December 2008

Give a little

In the interest of all that is product reviews/tips/mommy-related mayhem and all that jazz associated with being a mom who "works from home without pay" or WFHWP (seriously), here's a yummy lemon-scented tip for clean-up time!

Using a large microwavable bowl (I prefer my 1 quart Pyrex glass measuring cup), place 3-4 cups of hot water and at least 1 cup of lemon juice (I buy in bulk, so I have tons to spare) in the microwave for 5-6 minutes (a little longer for those really dirty appliances, like moi). After it does it's biznas, allow the container to sit in the microwave for at least a minute. Remove (CAREFULLY AS IT WILL BE PIPPING HOT) and immediately use a damp sponge or paper towel to wipe out the microwave. The years... months?... weeks worth of caked on spaghetti and reheated leftovers come off without an ounce of perspiration!

Yay to that!

Plus, it leaves your microwave smelling of fresh lemon-ey goodness! I prefer to keep the door open for a bit to let the smell waft through my kitchen and I also leave the used lemon-water out for fragrance purposes too! I also like to pour the leftovers into the toilet as it does freshen the potty room a bit too. That might be a little odd, but who cares!??

Go forth and clean thy kitchen!


  1. yay to this! lemon is the best clean smell. plus the toilet idea is great and resourceful :)

  2. Love lemon, but if I could figure out orange.... Yuuuuummmm

    You know... if you buy 100% not from concentrate oj I bet it could work! It's the steam + the citric acid that makes this do such a great job. By George, I think we're on to something!

  3. This is a great idea. I stumbled across one the other day. I had been grocery shopping and left some bags in my car overnight, one of which had dryer sheets in it. When I opened my car the next morning I was meet with a wonderfully clean smell of Snuggles. Since then I have left one dryer sheet under my passenger seat and it always smells so good in my car, not like a mixture of McDonald's fries and apple juice.

  4. Love that Donya!
    I ran to my car as soon as I read this and threw two in! Maybe it won't smell like a dog covered in Bounce with a side of cheez-it.... but here's hoping!


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