08 December 2008

Hey Fat Man, BUTT OUT!

This weekend, the Hubby relieved me of The Mom Job for a WHOLE hour so that I could escape to Target. I shopped under a pseudonym and most wouldn't recognize me in a big red suit, a long white beard and black boots. I also had the laugh down to an art.

I only spent an hour and some change sifting through all the toys and gadgets that the boys have absolutely no room for and will probably break in a week. I managed to get out under $200 too! But I couldn't help but wonder... why do the grandparents get credit for their gifts... the aunts and uncles ....and cousins and friends ...and teachers and neighbors... they all get to say "here you go kid, look what i got just for you!"

But when it comes down to the man who goes to work every day to pay for these peices of garbage lovely gifts and the woman who carried these children for 2 separate 10 month gestations, dealt with the agonizing heartburn, the sleepless nights, the swollen feet, then birthed them through a hole the size of .. well... you know an approximation of how big it is. Tack on the crying when things went wrong or when one particular child decided to stop breathing and seize and all (no blame, Chase, no blame) and then when that woman spent weeks bleeding her insides out, cramping away, nursing and cracking and becoming engorged... and all THOSE extra sleepless nights till they are... well.. 20-something that are sure to come... why is it that THAT person (or persons) has to throw away all the "Aww... baby... ALL THIS STUFF IS FOR YOU! FROM ME!" on some hocus pocus mumbo jumbo imaginary fat dude that broke in without setting off the alarm mom and dad promised would help protect you?

I know, I know. "It's not about the presents.. but the MAGIC and their faces... and who CARES about who the gifts came from when they are HAPPY and SURPRISED and loved..." BLAH. BLAH BLAH.


I don't know how long these Pixie and Fairy dust years of Santa will last because I did NOT fight Saturday mid-Holiday Target Crazies for Conner to say "Momma! Look what SANTA got ME!"


  1. Chasity~mom of "basically tiwns"09 December, 2008

    AMEN!! Girl. We have thrown the whole fat man gave these to you out of the window. I tell the children that The gift of Christmas is Jesus' bithday party, and everyone celebrates.So Jesus allowed us to be able to celebrate with him and we get a birthday cake too. I hate when i hear a parent say-you'd better be good or santa wont bring you anything. Forget that. I just tell them if they want to get the gifts they desire the they need to act the way that would best make Jesus happy. I was a child that was told the "magic" of santa and when they whole magical character bubble came crashing down it also made me question Jesus and if he was also a magic fictional character too. I find it best to not give any credit to the fat man, but to the family and to thank Jesus for making it another year in this world falling apart. I too braved Target two days in a row~only to get better deals at toysrus. They have a wicked awesome rewards program that you can apply for for FREE. Happy Shopping. :)

  2. Oh Chasa.. how your motherly ways influence me! You are the reason we don't "celebrate" Halloween (usually, although we did attend a party this year...). You were the one that enlightened me on the ways of the wicked that is Halloween and we try to apply that to Conner and Chase and how we deal with the 31st of October.

    AND NOW??!!
    Mike and I are having a pow-wow on wether to oust the Santa dude and having a birthday party for Jesus instead! It SHOULD be about family, and Christ and giving. Why involve some mystical freakshow only to be forced into the conversation that goes a little something like "Um, sorry kid for lying to you, but yup... he's just an illusion!".
    I think we can salvage all the exciting pre-Christmas anticipation and instill a few new Christmas traditions of our own WITHOUT the Fat Man.

    Thanks for the advice girl! You know I love you!


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