15 December 2008

Quick! 5-minute Speed Date!

In efforts to help ME (consider it an early Christmas gift, k?), I would like to know more about YOU!

Crazy, eh?

I'm doing a bit of research about those who visit my site and well, most of the work has been done by these kind people. And those kind people, in the course of one month, have given me a whole bunch of numbers. I usually hate numbers, but these are particularly interesting.

For instance:
I have 101 Absolute Unique Visitors (so far)
2:29 is the average amount of time you spend on my site (good for you).
56% of you use Internet Explorer and then nearly 22% of you are cooler use Safari. 3% use Chrome and I don't know what that is.
In these 4 weeks, I've had 432 page views (Yippee)
Viewers have come from 23 states.

I love facts. They make my tummy feel yummy.

But, the FACT is that numbers don't give me anything other than a Data High and a little headache. I'd like to know more about you, ESPECIALLY the LURKERS or people who come by on a whim.
Like when you googled:
"how to guarantee a failed VBAC" - Odd, I don't remember having one of those...
"did anyone wonder how Edward dealt with Bella's period?" & "Forks, WA"
"Christmas Party NICU Birmingham, AL 2008"
"Jenny Says Turn Off The Radio"
... and one of my favorites "It's ok. He can call me flower if he wants to"

So, by-chancers, lurkers, family, friends and Internets... lend me a few minutes. Fill out the following in any form you wish (sentence form, paragraph, bulletin points, a slideshow or powerpoint presentation, fling the message through your computer on a pile of dung - you pick!) and post it in the comments section. If you've got a blog that I don't know about, link it! (I'm a blog reading NERD). If you wish to remain anonymous, that's cool too... just leave any "personal info" blank. This should be exciting!

1. Do we have anything in common? Mommyhood? Two boys? Toddler and/or Screaming Banshee? SAHM? Freak of nature with a psychopathic tendency to leave the lines on the carpet when you vacuum only to swear WAR against the first person to ruin it? NICU baby?

2. Do you have a blog? Can I stalk it read it?

3. Do you leave comments? If no, why not? (It's ok, I'm bad about commenting too...)

4. Favorite post? You don't have to link it, just dig through your brains and give me a few highlights. Favorite post of YOURS (link it puh-lease)?

5. Anything you wish I'd write about more often? Anything I should shut my hole about?

6. Apple or grape jelly? Strawberry?

7. Do you use your kid's names on your blog/myspace/facebook/front door? Their real name? Should I stop using mine?

8. Favorite perfume, cologne, fragrance, smell? I heart pumpkin spice.

9. Wheresa aboutsa are yousa fromsa?

10. What's your blood type? You know, in case I you ever need a donor organ... (I'm B Negative I think...)

11. Any tips, suggestions, complaints, general love and internet hugs?

12. How'd you find my blog? If I know you in The Real World tell me how you get to it - facebook link, myspace link, direct (as in typing my URL), friend's blogroll, etc ?

Thanks gals (and maybe a guy or two). NOW GET TO WORK!


  1. 1. Ohhh, man! I love love the lines on the carpet. Let's see, what else? Boys boys boys. Kids. Exhaustion! Hm. The days of Graham Walden and the happiness that they're over! I don't know for sure, but I imagine we both enjoy a cocktail every night, sorry... Every - now and then. I'm sure there's more, but I'm gonna move on...
    2. I don't have a blog, but if i start one, you'll be the first to know!
    3. You're the only blogger who I ever comment on.
    4. I enjoy all your crazy toddler boy stories, but my favorites have to be when Chase was born, cause I was crazy worried about you, and love that you kept me informed :)
    5. mm. i got nothing
    6. Um. Grape! and every now and then, I enjoy Amish Apple Butter Jam
    7. I absolutely do. I spent a hell of a lot of time choosing those names, I'm not prepared to find fake names for them too!
    8. Vera Wang's Princess
    9. Born in Orlando Florida. Moved to Hoover when I was 5 and then to Trussville where i lived until, oh, about 3 years ago. Now i live in hell. Whiteman AFB, Mo. (too much?)
    10. A- ... I'm guessing you're familiar with the ever painful Rhogam shot?
    11. You're one a my favorite friends. If we lived close, we'd have a playdate every week!
    12. I come here directly. Actually, I visit so often, all I have to do is push "a" and "enter", and here i am!

    This was fun!
    Oh, and Chrome is Google's new browser. I use it, and like it for the most part...

  2. Amanda,

    In response to your "market research"
    1. We share the same last name by marriage. I am a freak of nature, but not about vacuum lines, just countless other things, and definitely about losing any one of Madison's little itty bitty pairs of socks (I spend hours tracking down that one that got stuck in the sleeve of Jack's shirt).

    2. No, thought about it, though. Just do well to update my status regularly on facebook.

    3. This is my first comment.

    4. Hmmm...Conner's tooth breaking light saber episode? I haven't read any archives, and just started reading in the fall

    5. I like that it is sort of random.

    6. Raspberry, please. Grape if raspberry is not available.

    7. I use Madison's real name, it would be wierd if you used aliases.

    8. I like my Ralph Lauren Blue, but my favorite smell by far is my baby's little head!

    9. Chicago, IL

    10. O+

    11. It is great to keep up with a little of your goings on, since you guys live so far and we barely see you!

    12. I started looking when you listed it on your facebook status, then I bookmarked it on my blackberry, and I read facebook, your blog and drudgereport (all news relevant to me) on my blackberry while I am rocking Madison to sleep.

  3. 1. We took naps together in school. This wouldn't be weird, except that it was high school, not preschool.

    2. No blog. Sara=lazy.

    3. Only if I've got something to say. I read pretty much every post, I think...

    4. Umm...probably anything about the kiddos. I like hearing about them.

    5. If I wanted you to shut your hole about something, I'd probably just say so.

    6. Blech, jelly.

    7. I don't have kids, or a blog. When I do, I'll probably use real names. I'm with Staci. I think since most people who read your blog already know something about you, it's cool to continue with real names.

    8. Freshly cut grass. Clean, ironed, starched laundry (absence makes the heart grow fonder and all of that).

    9. Clay, for mostly all my life. Now Huntsville.

    10. I'm A-. I'm not particularly looking forward to that shot Staci mentioned.

    12. Ummm...you're such a blog-whore about it on MySpace, how could I miss it? (But I like the updates, in case I forget to check the bookmark).

  4. Staci and Sara are able to trade organs, which is always nice to know. And Ann could give them blood but can't receive from them. Sad.

    Staci - We'd totally have playdates EVERY freaking WEEK! Also, in a few months you'll have a different URL to go to so don't get too comfy with that "a", "enter" routine!

    Ann - I don't recommend reading my posts while trying to put a baby to sleep, you may accidently combust into laughter and that's not conducive to sleepy time. Oh, and you should totally read some of the archives. I have some good moments in there...

    Sara - Sigh. I AM a blog-whore. But isn't that the best kind? And what's high school without naps?

    I guess I'll never get to meet some of my other 97 visitors... LURKERS!

  5. 1. I confess. I am a lurker. You don't know me from Adam's house-cat.
    We both are attachment parents. We both have sons. We both had nicu babies. We both live in B'ham , Al.

    2.Going to start one...

    3. Never took the time.

    4. Couldn't say.

    5. Lol

    6. Apricot preserves

    7. I do it

    8. anything citrus

    9. B'ham, Al

    10. AB+?

    11. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only attachment parent in the b'ham area. I was becoming convinced that I was.

    12. I searched the keywords attachment parent and B'ham, Al, for that very reason.

    Clare B. (homeschooling, four children, 15 years now)

  6. 1.I am a mother of two one girl one boy. I don't have carpet to leave lines in but if I did I wouldn't.

    2. I don't have a blog. TOm deletes me from myspace everytime I write one.

    3. This is my first comment, and yes I have read all your blogs

    4. I don't know how to link and I'm not sure i have a favorite, but you are my hero for not blowing your brains out after breastfeeding for 12+ months, I wanted to after 2

    5. I'm pretty much amused by everything you write.

    6. Strawberry all the way.

    7. I use their real names and I also have a huge gun closet so come try and take them if you choose

    8. Anything clean, and completely opposite of baby poop

    9. Good Ole Clay Alabama

    10. Whatever is the universal donor

    11. I don't have the time or patience to actually think

    12. I go from both myspace and facebook anytime your status says you have blogged

  7. ClareB - Another attachment parent IS hard to find in Alabama. It's nice to meet you! Thanks for de-lurking and I hope you find my antics entertaining and enlightening (although I'm sure the latter will be harder than I think...). Let me know when you get your blog rolling and I'll be happy to add you to my blogroll and visit! How old are you kids? I'm considering a Montessori school for Conner after K5. I don't think I have the patience for home-schooling. Kudos to you!

    BA - Nice to hear from you! And breastfeeding for this long is difficult, I honestly don't know how I survived. But, I'll tell you this... my breast sure didn't fair well... So sad :-(

  8. 1. We have boys born one day apart.We share the crazy two kid household. I lucked out and got a girl though.{sigh}

    2. I don't have a blog. I tried to start one and then I heard screaming so I had to see who was trying to strangle who.

    3. I leave comments~i wish i could smack a pic with my comment sometimes because I have the same things going on here.

    4. daddy's other life-March. And the award goes to-from march too. Both super funny posts.

    5. I like what I read. If I didn't I wouldnt come back every week.

    6. squeeze jelly-grape or strawberry plus less mess!!yay

    7. I use their real names. I mean I have a friend blocker so I hope I am safe.

    8. daisy-marc jacobs. Yankee candle clean cotton. Bounce detergants. fresh hot chick-fil-a, had to throw that one in there.

    9. pinson.now trussville/clay

    10. Something rare.I should donate blood but im a big weenie.I passed out the whole two times ive donated.

    11. one tip-i had to play music in Koens room to get him to actually stay in his own bed. You might try that. I was going to try a bed tent for fun but it turns out they dnt make fun stuff for a toddler with a full size bed{sigh}

    12.I use the link from your myspace. It's easier to jump over while i check my own mail.

  9. 1. I honestly am not sure. We don't really know each other, but we are both UA Alum... I think I remember reading that!

    2. I do have a blog! Please please please stalk me! That way I won't feel as bad about reading yours.

    3. No. I was afraid it would weird you out b/c we don't really know each other.

    4. I do believe my favorite is the one about the tooth and the light-saber.

    5. Nothing really to say. I think they are all very entertaining and I usually leave your page laughing my tail off.

    6. BLACKBERRY!!!

    7. I don't have any kids, but I use my pets' and my family members' real names.

    8. Don't wear perfume but love anything with a scent from nature... apple, orange, vanilla..

    9. The gump

    10. O+

    12. I visit the Red Webs and went down the list to the right side and found yours. Mine is listed at the top "Abby & Jerrod"!!!

  10. Hi! I'm going to indulge you and let you know a little bit about myself.

    1. I not only love the lines in the carpet, but I obsess over them! I have to vacuum at least once a day, sometimes twice and I will hurt whoever leaves footprints on my carpet. No kids - just two spoiled rotten dogs.

    2. I do have a blog and I would love for you to read it - I don't know if it is as interesting as yours, but you can see: www.mymedinafamily.blogspot.com

    3. I do leave comments, but I've never left one on yours since I don't know you.......seems kinda wierd.

    4. Don't know - I'm stumped at the moment

    5. I just like to read about your daily life as a mom - I plan on having kids someday so I want a realistic idea of what it is going to be like.

    6. Apple on toast, grape on PBJ

    7. No kids........

    8. I love wallflowers from bath & body - I change fragrances with the seasons - fresh strawberry for the spring, pineapple for the summer, pumkin spice for the fall, and evergreen for the winter.

    9. From Montgomery, AL but now live in Savannah, GA

    10. I'm drawing a blank

    11. I'm a very type A kind of person - I like sewing and knitting. Boring, I know.

    12. Found your blog from Lauren Webster's blogroll.

  11. Welcome "TheMedina's"! Savannah, GA is absolutely my most favoritest place in the whole WIDE U.S. ! Seriously! I visited a few times back when I did the whole Girl Scout thing (as it IS the home of Juliet Low(?), the founder of the Girl Scouts). Although, with all it's hauntingness, it's a bit spooky. I was actually there taking a tour via horse and buggy during the filming of Forest Gump. Woot woot.
    I'll be sure to check out your blog and thanks for "outing" yourself!


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