21 January 2009

Day Late and a George Washington Short: Fun Facts Included!

I spent a few restless hours last night pondering our new president, and I would like to address my crazy trivia riddled brain if you guys aren’t already POOPED with the bombardment of Presidential Crap by this point. Oh, you are? Oh wells.

My first question for the evening: If the President lives in the White House, where does the VP live?

Answer: Known as the “Admiral House”, the VP resides in a 9,000+ square foot home located on the corner of 34th street and Massachusetts Ave. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until 1974 that the VP got his (or her for future references) own digs. Prior to that? The VP lived in various temporary housing and hotels. Wouldn’t that stink?

Next, what do the actual bedrooms in the White House look like?
The President and his family are given 4 private bedrooms that I couldn’t find pictures or much information on. They also have access to the Lincoln Bedroom, Queen’s Bedroom, several sitting rooms, the dining room and several others. Many previous presidents have chosen to remodel the White House rooms, but doing so must be approved by a committee set up by former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Does the Secret Service stand guard outside of them (the rooms) all night (like in 24…)? Or just the house it’s self?
The degree of Big Brotherness is discussed between the incoming First Family and the SS. I’m sure they are very close by though.

Do White House children get a pick of rooms?
From what I found, there is a bit of preference involved. They are allowed to hang Jonas Brother’s posters and have sleepovers - the normal stuff.

What about Presidential Booty Calls? I mean… having the Big O in the White House while you’ve got creepy Secret Service dudes about… umm… awkward!
At first, I thought I was a total horn ball for asking such a question. Gasp. But I am TOTALLY not the only one thinking about this! Rachel, a Montgomery friend of mine, just recently pondered the same thing on her blog. Answer though? Pfft. They ARE human…..

What about that first night in the White House… do you stumble to the John and plop down your happy rear on the commode and think to yourself “Self, many famous presidential arses have used this same toilet to poop into for a hundred plus years. How stinkin’ cool is that!?” Everyone poops people, even Obama.
Like I’d find THAT on the Internets.
Oh, wait. I did find that if Mr. President is “indisposed” in the leu during a crisis, he will be alerted by a very stern knock on the door.

What time do you think Mr. President goes to bed? Wakes up?
Couldn’t find this one. Boooo Internet!

So, I had all this time to think of all these questions because *drumroll*… Chase slept in his crib from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM last night. I know, no big deal to those of you who have children who sleep alone and all, but in this house, babies sleep with da parents. And da parents are about ready to go BONKERS and thus, Chase has been abandoned to his crib. And let me tell you peoples, he wasn’t thrilled and I MIGHT have caused him permanent damage and attachment issues, but DANG I slept well for those few hours.
That is… after I googled all of the above questions on my iPhone.

*source for most of this info: Wikipedia.org and the Official White House website


  1. hahaha! I had to LOL at my shoutout! I mean come on...I CAN'T be the only one who thinks about this stuff..lol Like my blog post says, "Now more than ever B-C our First couple is younger than past CIC! (commander in chief) :o)

  2. I am so glad you thought to ask the questions that the rest of us didn't dare ask!

    Ooh, and have you read Crash Test Dummies? She took a picture of an ACTUAL BATHROOM that she saw Pres. Elect (at the time) Obama go in and use. Hilarious! If you are interested, e-mail me and I'll get you the link :)


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