30 January 2009

Flogging Molly? *Updated

Someone on Facebook updated their status a few days back with the following: YourNameHere is enjoying some Flogging Molly.

And for some reason, without knowing how to flogg or who Molly is, I've had those two words stuck in my head since.

So, today I asked The Internets, which told me this: "Flogging Molly is a seven-piece Irish American Celtic punk band that formed in Los Angeles, California and is currently signed to SideOneDummy Records." - source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flogging_Molly. I could have kept reading the wiki article, but lets be frank, I've got A.D.D. juices spewing out my rear. (oh, that's nasty...)

I still don't know if I enjoy flogging. I could be flogging right this instant and not even know. Flogging could be my life's calling.

I might have just flogged all over the kitchen.

My husband could come home tonight, tick me off because I'm hormonal and he's being jerky...I could yell at him "FLOGG YOU". Who knows.

As for Molly... well, as of yesterday This Molly tells me she likes my blog. And I like people who like my blog. So, I could totally flogg her. I think...

**Update: Sooo... after a nice comment from a blogger buddy, who pointed out that flog means "to beat", I googled "define: flogging" and found these results:
1) to beat or whip, sometimes with a cane
2) to sell something
3) to STEAL something
4) to defeat
5) ...some nonsense about grazing and pastures....
6) a technique used to create pores in hardwood floors
and there's this:
7) to run around an engine depot without the benefit of a formal permit

So, Molly... I'd like to run around an engine depot without the benefit of a formal permit all because you read my blog. Isn't that darling?


  1. just so you know, flogging means to whip or beat someone to death...

    Molly might not like it :)

  2. Ooh, I like that last definition! Sounds like fun :)

  3. I like that my name incites people to beat others with a cane....Like in Singapore.

    Also, my love for Flogging Molly started when I went to Ireland and couldn't hear the end of people saying "Oy, Mooolly....liyke tha band. That's brills."

  4. MadredeEzekiel - Thanks girl!

    Erin - Would you like to flog with me?

    Molly - I mean, if you want, we could skip the train rendezvous and I could flog you with a cane? Your call.

  5. By the way, Flogging Molly = awesome. I've seen them...well about half of one of their shows. And let me assure you...they definitely ran around an engine depot and they totally had no formal permit.

  6. Hah. By the way...this is ALi. Sorry, no pic yet.


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