28 January 2009

Hubsters Say The Darndest Things..

Aren't they just adorable?

"Honey, how do I even work the washing machine...?"
Right. Mrs. Born Yesterday over here doesn't know you are trying to get out of washing your nasty socks. Silly boy.

Michael told Conner that if he ate too many sweet things, he'd get a fat belly. Then today, at lunch, Conner finished a small serving of noodles that I had dished out simply for cooling purposes. I proceeded to give him more after said noodles were adequately cooled to which he disapproved.

"My tummy will get too big", he tells me.

Awwww... these early days of anorexia... aren't they just precious....

(Happy Birthday Hubster, I hearts yousa muchly!)

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  1. I don't think my husband has ever used the washing machine either. So cute!


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