18 January 2009

I Facebooked Your Mom Last Night

My mom remembers not having a microwave.

I mean… no microwave? What??

She also recalls not having a color television, or a remote control.

Obviously, as a teen, she didn’t have a cell phone. Or even a cordless phone.
I’ve been thinking for awhile now about the things that Conner or Chase and their generation will never know differently.

Like when Conner’s shows end, one that he really enjoyed, and he asks “I watch it again?” As in, I’m supposed to rewind it. Rewind LIVE TV. As if there’s never been a time where you couldn’t watch, re-watch, pause or record Mickey Mouse. I mean, WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!

Oooh… or when Chase is able to scroll through my iPhone by swiping his tiny little fingers across the screen (how DO they KOW to do THAT!). Better yet, the uncanny ability for Conner to browse through the applications, find his games (his light saber, checkers, Pac Man, igolf, ibowl) and play whenever he wants. He’s learned the “code” to our phones (two separate passwords for both mine and Mike’s). When he gets bored with games, you might find him watching Pucca (totally different blog post there… this kid might be an anime freak fan) on YouTube (which requires some parental supervision, I might add…). It’s just mind blowing that two kids, ages 3 & 1, have mastered a $300 state-of-the-art phone.

Speaking of technology, Conner got a Leap Frog handheld gaming system AND a Leap Frog computer that plugs into the TV for Christmas. At this rate, he’ll be typing by 5.

He’ll be on the internet by 6. He’ll have a Facebook account by 7. He’ll be writing HTML and CSS code by 8. What?

He’ll never know what it was like to take picture WITH FILM. Never know what it’s like to not be able to preview your picture and decide whether it’s worthy of developing. The days of picking up your pictures at CVS to play the Let’s-See-How-Many-Pictures-Of-My-Finger-I’ve-Managed-To-Collect Game is made obsolete by digital cameras.

Instant access to everything! If you want to know… GOOGLE IT! I personally google at LEAST 10 things a day and I am a virtual WASTEBASKET of useless knowledge because of it.

Bored in the car? Portable DVD player, my friend.

Need to checkout quickly? SWIPEY SWIPEY! Only the crazy people write checks (OHMYGOD could the CHECK WRITERS IN THIS WORLD GET A FREAKING CLUE ALREADY! I swear if another woman keeps me in the line at Publix for an additional 10 minutes filling out a check, then adding her address, phone number, social, DOB, hair sample, saliva and fingerprints all while I’m holding two SCREAMIG CHILDREN – I WILL LIGHT HER FACE ON FIRE! I feel better know. Thanks.)

I’m sure if my mom had a blog 20 years ago, she’d of had interesting points like this too. Can you imagine!?! Your mom!?! BLOGGING? Poor kids.


  1. Yeah, thinking about this kind of stuff freaks me out. I read a quote one time (don't remember who said it or where I found it, but I'm sure you can Google it) that said something like: "If cars developed at the same rate as computers, a Rolls-Royce would now cost $100 and blow up once a year, killing everyone inside."
    That's only vaguely related to my point, which is that technology is nuts.
    Remember when we were kids and there were those electronic "diaries" that could send messages to other ones, as long as you were in the same room (using something along the lines of a remote control)? But they sucked? And now text messaging is just a part of life.
    It makes me nervous to think of what little kids now will think of as primitive in the same way. What will make text messaging look sucky?

  2. we were born in the last century. the generation of our kids (mine are imaginary) will have to be weened off of instant gratification. it is mind blowing.

  3. Oh my God! Thank goodness I am NOT the only person thinking about this too. I have been told I am a freak for "over thinking" my children's future. I mean I worry about my two kids having a cell phone in the future for the reasons of sending pictures and video. What?!? I know I am worrying prematurely but for God sakes those 8yr old with cell phones sending their crush of the week God only knows what pictures. And lets face it. Our kids will more than likely all have laptops in high school an be able to have wi-fi in school to do research or facebook each other. I am determined to stay on top of technology as much a I can, but honestly-my kids of 3 & 4 can use an ipod and mp3 player better than me. Oh and there's this game for kids by fisher-price called "fun 2 learn". Basically its a little laptop school with reading, math, science, music, alphabet and learning classroom tools. A must buy for any parent with a computer.
    Wow. No microwave.kill me

  4. How scary is that!!?? I better go teach Reagan how to do all this "old-fashioned" stuff we are so used to doing...I cant wait to see what kind of stuff they will come out with when our kids are 16!! :o)

  5. Sara - I know, tre freaky. I remember those electronic diaries! But, sadly, I never had anything of interest to put in it but, you wouldn't know that if you saw how Fort Knox I was about its password and keeping it from my sister. Oh, the memories...

    I am going to do my best to keep up with technology. Not only is it important to stay connected to our children, but HEY ... I like the benefits!

  6. Forget Google, remember when we didn't have the INTERNET?! If you needed to research something, you went to the LIBRARY and opened something up called an ENCYCLOPEDIA that had bunches of pictures and facts of various things around the world.

    Right before the Internet, if you're really techy, you'll probably remember these things called BBS's, which stood for Bulletin Board Systems. You used a modem to dial a individual computers to do groundbreaking things like transfer files and leave bulletin board postings. But when you wanted to go to another system, you had to hang up the modem phone line and redial another computer. How 1985!!!

    Great article Amanda. And I agree, being a parent is the hardest job EVER, and it will never make it to your resume. How funny and true that is.


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