04 January 2009


A big mean cold makes mommy a very bad blogger.

*sniff sniff*

Taking a poll for my Alabama readers:

Any good ideas for any overnight stay somewhere within 3-ish hours drive for just the hubster and myself? Ooohh, that sounds sexy-sexy...

If you mention a place (i.e - Biloxi) include your favorite hotel too! I'm a sucka for hotels!


  1. Nashville is always fun! I've only stayed at a Holiday Inn Express there and an Embassey Suites. Also, Chewacla State Park offers these cabins. Me and the hubs stayed there a while back and hiked and made a fire and all that fun stuff. It is in Auburn.

  2. Point Clear, AL, The Grand Hotel Marriott. Fabulous spa, overlooks Mobile Bay, beautiful old south town. Awesome. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ptlal-grand-hotel-marriott-resort-golf-club-and-spa/

  3. Hey...I know that it is not too exciting, but Ian and I have been meaning to stay at Chewacla park. It's at least kind of cute and has little cabins and waterfalls and all that...and you barely even remember that you are in Auburn, Alabama...

  4. Thanks guys!
    I was thinking I liked Donya's idea, because I LURVE swanky (or semi-swanky) hotels...
    BUT, the idea of only driving to Auburn and having a cozy fire does have its appeal!
    I think I'm going to check them both out!


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