08 January 2009

The One In Which Amanda Whines and Dooms Herself to a Third Child

He’s beginning to border between rocker dude and pretty, pretty princess. And frankly, I’m going a bit overkill on the “make sure Chase never wears the pink Polo, or any other moderately frat-tastic girlie shirt”.

I wouldn’t HAVE to avoid anything of the sort if I could just bring myself to do one TINY thing: cut Chase’s hair.

It’s past his ears, down his face and well over his collar at this point. Conner’s hair was never this long at Chase’s age.

And it’s not like this would be his first Official Hair Cut. I’ve trimmed it 3 times at this point due to chronic attempts at The Mullet on behalf of Mr. Chase. It was only growing around the back and MAN, Mike and I DIED laughing every time it’d grow a bit and there he was…. missing only a dirty Wife Beater and a beer.

So, what’s different about THIS trim is that I know what’s in store - full on Toddlerhood eyeing me down as if to burn HOLES in my HEAD.

As soon as those locks hit the floor and I turn to comfort my squirmy little man, I’m sure to breakdown into a Puddle of Delirium only to throw all the condoms out the next day and start tracking my ovulation because THIS CAN’T POSSIBLY BE THE LAST LITTLE BITTY ISTY TINY WHITTLE ADORABLE SNUGGLE FACED BABY!!!!


But it SO is.

And after That Scare that I’m SOOO not telling the Internets about (just don’t ask or I WILL TELL only to embarrass Conner when he and his friends have access to aforementioned Internets by age 5), I’m pretty darn sure that I don’t want anymore wee ones growing in my belly. [read: For Sale By Owner: One Gently Used Uterus, only Inhabited Twice]

I LURVE staying home with the boys, and they are, without question, the joy of my life. I can’t imagine my days without them and truly enjoy all the love and laughter they grant me each day. But, my house is full of toys. And I prefer peeing alone. And I couldn’t possibly go through being pregnant again.

The technicals have it too - No more room in my Equinox (just won’t fit another car seat, so baby Numero Tres would be trekking it Old School, fighting for The Hump in the front…. Oooohhh…. How Britney of me). Money is tight. The third bedroom is totally accounted for. How in the WORLD would I POSSIBLY bring Conner to Pre-K4 with Chase in tow AND another newborn??!?!??!?!

See? Not. Happening.

So Chase, your hair will be cut this week. Mommy can’t keep you little forever. *Sniff*



    "How on earth would I ... "

    You know very well as a mother, when it has to be done, you do it!

    Story: One week after Lennon was born and I was still being held together with staples... I took myself, my 3 yr old, my 19 month old, and my 8 day old baby fifteen minutes down the road to the school off base. Drug the three of them out of the SUV, carried (surprisingly, my intestines stayed put) two of them while walking savannah in to preschool. Only to turn around and do the same thing 2 hours later. Four times a week

    You just do it!!!

  2. I think 2 is enough for myself also. Ethan is a big enough handlefull by himself. Now with my 11 week old girl, ethan is sooo much worse. I don't blame you for not wanting another kid. That is why I am trying to enjoy every second of this wondeful baby stage. By the way, your boys are sooo cute! And what is the secret to potty training, Ethan was almost there until charlotte was born, now he NEVER uses the potty even though we constantly try to remind him to use the potty.

  3. Staci - You are so RIGHT. We just get it down... sigh... no matter how hard. Thing is... I don't know if I COULD do it and NOT have a mental breakdown. Who knows though!

    Bonny - I'm going to do a blog in a few days, maybe a week (we are having internet issues, AGAIN) about the subject of potty training and breastfeeding. I've noticed alot of comments of how I was (somehow) able to nurse for so long for both boys and I figured I'd offer a little advice, tips and tricks for the few things that've worked for me (keywords: worked for me... not that I expect them to be magical saving graces for others... but helpful suggestions never hurt anyone).
    Hopefully it won't take too long to get posted!


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