06 January 2009

The Proof is in the Pan


After tens, possibly a hundred meals ranging from dry to tasteless, from undercooked to “honey is this fish or chicken or both?”…. I’ve FINALLY mastered Chicken Fried Rice.

And the secret weapon, the one thing I’ve been missing throughout it all including my calculations into garlic, chopped onion, when to fry the egg, peanut oil or vegetable? how long to let the rice cool… overnight? The AGONIZING over how to cook the chicken and when to do the seasonings… all of it in VAIN because it was never about the ingredients or the recipe or the method… IT WAS THE FRIGGIN PAN!

It may sound silly to those who don’t cook Asian, or have never attempted it without a Wok, but MAN - WHAT WAS I THINKING??

My mom pampered me, literally, with The Pampered Chef Stir-Fry Skillet made of titanium reinforced hard-anodized aluminum for even heat conduction, strength and durability. It’s the G5 of Wok’s to be honest. And G5s are PLANES PEOPLE!!

Seriously though, I unwrapped this 20-pound puppy and my mom whispers “Now, that’s a 150 dollar skillet Amanda”

And she only calls me Amanda when she’s serious.

I put about ¼ cup of veggie oil, allowing it to heat enough before I added my chicken strips that had been lightly salted and covered in a bit of soy sauce, garlic powder and onion powder. Stirring constantly, it took about 1 minute for all the chicken to appear to have been cooked properly. I removed the chicken and let it drain on paper towels.

Next, I added my minced garlic (about 3 cloves!!??), a small diced onion, some red pepper flakes and let them simmer for a minute or two while I cooked off two egg’s in a small amount of oil in a pan to the side. Then, I added my brocolli , egg and (day old and cold) rice with a “healthy” splash of soy sauce (maybe ¼ cup, maybe less?). Stirring frantically (like as in really breaking a sweat and now my shoulders hurt, this pan is GYNUMBO) the whole ordeal was over and done within 3-4 minutes.

I was amazed.

I threw the chicken back in the mix, turned off the gas, and put a lid over the top (not covering, but I wanted to save a little heat). I was SHOCKED that it was all over in ¼ the time it normally took me to make sub-par stir-fry and here I had what looked like the Real McCoy! I was sitting there on my couch with the dishes done and stir-fry a-waitin’ for the hubster to come rolling in any minute now.

Seriously folks, proofs in the pan. This stir-fry was GREAT.


  1. Liked the G5s are Planes comment...does sound delicious

  2. Thanks Doublebanker... I chuckled at myself a bit too...
    The Hubster and I enjoy Wii billards... if that has ANYTHING to do with the name "doublebanker".

  3. So you wanta be REALLY jealous? In the new house Michael is having a stainless steel flat-top grill in the island. Like the ones at the Japanese restaurants where they cook the stuff in front of you. You bring the wok for the fried rice and I'll cook the veggies and the meat on the flat-top. Sweet!!!


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