24 January 2009

Selfishly Nursing

I’ve considered starting the weaning process with Chase. He’s been doing very well (better than expected) in the Mighty Transition to the Crib, sleeping from 9-1:30. After that, he wakes up and nurses for close to 45 minutes! So, being the lazy bum exhausted mother that I am, after close to an hour of being up I just pull him in bed with me. He then proceeds to wake and nurse every hour till 5:30 and then takes a “nap” till 7.

So, here’s my thinking: if he were weaned, would he have a need to wake and nurse? I’m guessing no.

What’s stopping me then? GREAT question, dear friends. I need my boobies.

Not so much NEED them as I need them to be not flat. After I weaned Conner, I promptly went from a full C/D to an A… and barely an A. As a matter of fact, I went to Victoria Secrets and was measured by a Boobie Specialist. Her EXACT quote after measuring me and informing me of my new size was “Oh darling, I’m sorry but we don’t make anything smaller than an A…” I sure hope she got a raise….

And they weren’t just itty bitty titties… but flat pieces of skin with nipples that I had to physically lift and form into a round shape for my bra. PA-THETIC and oh so depressing. Seriously.

We have vacation in late April, so the dilemma at hand involves me not wanting to look like a One-Eyed, One Horned Floppy Boobie Martini Eater in a yellow polka dot bikini. If I continue to nurse, I can maintain a suitable bra size for our vacation (around a C) and with VOLUME.

I feel selfish, yes, but I’m already fighting my arse being 2-inches lower than it SHOULD be at 24, the stretch marks on my thighs, and my distorted belly (although it’s starting to take better shape).

The benefits to Chase are additional boobie time (which gets its own post later, aren’t you THRILLED??!), the balanced nutrition of boobie milk and snuggly wuggly time with my snookie faced angel face (awwww).

So, it’s polling time! What do you guys think? Is nursing to keep my voluptuous titties too selfish or do I totally deserve to not look like grade-A poop for our vacation in April?


  1. Tips tips tips! #1 For after baby/nursing skin, use Bio Oil, it's my best friend, no lie. My boobs perked back up after using that stuff for like 3 weeks. Tip #2, if you plan on using birth control, check out Mirena. It rocks, no weight gain, it works for 5 year, and made my boobs bigger.

  2. i would say go with continued nursing. this is my first time nursing, and althought my boobs sag to my knees, in a bra they look GREAT! and i was mighty small before so im loving it now. youre not being selfish. im gonna continue through swimsuit season just for the boobs. lol.

  3. I AM actually considering Mirena as the BC pills make me a royal NUT JOB! I didn't know about that particularly pleasing side-effect. THANKS!

  4. I have the Mirena....

    I'll spare you the story.

  5. I had the exact same problem as you - well, I went from a full B to a not-quite A. And I have the Mirena. Although I love it, it didn't make my bra size grow!

  6. Erin - Staci shared her story with me via facebook... and thank goodness she did! It. Was. HILARIOUS... sorry Staci!

    Anyhooter, I'm sold on the thing, even with the horror stories via Dr. Google.

    Feb. 16th!

    Woot woot.
    I've never been SO excited about birth control.... Ok, that could be interpreted in so many ways...

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