07 February 2009

...And Over Here on the Left We Have the Obvious

You may have noticed the new look, and I must say... I'm darn proud of myself!

Let's start with the less than obvious. If you've been a long time reader, first off, THANKS! I know I'm occassionally a giant snore and I've covered topics that fall in the "been there, blogged that" category, but still... I love you all!

So, if you are one of those undeniably beautiful people, you might still type in my old URL "atothezaremba.blogspot.com" and, since you are reading this now, you know it still directs you here to TheMomJob.net. But, if you get the time, change your Blogroll to my new addy since it now has a favicon (for blogger accounts, it's that little orange "B" in a square beside each blog's name. I do believe that changing the URL in your blogroll will help force my favicon show up)(again, shout out to Erin for help with the favicon!)

I changed URLs for a few reasons.
1) I'm taking my blog seriously (laugh now... but I mean as serious as a mommy blog can be!). For the first 1.5 years of college I majored in Journalism. Then, I switched to Advertising/PR because it gave me more "creative license" to write outside of the box, or in the case of journalism "the triangle". I'm using this site for many reasons: to document the happenings of my children, to keep up my writing skills and to hopefully (*fingers crossed*) ONE DAY supplement SOME type of income since this IS partially what I went to college for. I think it's nice to just get that out there.
2) I hated my old URL since my last name is CRAZY and yes, I know I could have changed it but purchasing my own domain sounded so... *sparkly*
3) It's SHORTER!

Next, You'll notice the header. Duh. For Christmas, my mom bought me us a new HP. I miss my Mac, but this computer is nice. However, it has NO editing/creative software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign... etc.). So, I had to make my header in Paint. Oh, you read that correctly - paint! I recently discovered that the tagline under the main header that says "the hardest job a woman can ever do... will never make it on her resume" (which is SOOOO TRUE. Can I get an AMEN?!?) shows up more yellow than lime - and by yellow I mean bile colored yellow. Ew. I think I'm going to do something about that. You know. One day.

Like my new 3 column layout? Thanks! Me too! And I did it ALL BY MYSELF IN HTML. Ok. That's a partial lie. I used this guide. It requires that you use Blogger and the "Minima" template. I changed a few things, like the padding on the sides, the width of the columns, header and footer, as well as adding the lime color.

Speaking of colors, I also changed my link/visited link colors. I'm still in the air about whether I like them. If you have an opinion, leave them in the comments!

Additionally, I changed some small wordings after each post. It was super simple! In the Blogger dashboard, go to layout. This will pull up a screen that looks like a mockup of your blog's layout. In the middle should be a section for Blog Posts, click 'edit' in that box. This gives you the ability to change anything from how many posts appear on your main page, to the words after the number of comments you have (which I changed *wink*) and several other small things you can do to personalize your blog.

Overall, I'm still working on a few things and am having fun playing with HTML. If you are looking at customizing your blog (on blogger) without downloading one of those pre-made layouts - hit me up! I might be able to help or refer you to a site that could!

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  1. Wow, I am so impressed with all of the work you did. And your header in Paint? Wow!!

    Thanks for all of the tips. I might actually be able to do some of these things myself :)


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