18 February 2009

Hulu Review Woohoo

Have any of you seen the commercial featuring Alec Baldwin (*rolls eyes*) for the free tv-over-your-computer service called Hulu?

Well, I hear free and roll my eyes anyways, with or without Alec Baldwin.

But people.... seriously, lend me your mice and click on over to Hulu!

It's positively amazing. I got caught up on Nip/Tuck yesterday during nap! Only tiny little 20 second commercials about 4 times during the show. I mean, hello! That's less (WAAY less) than if I were actually AWAKE at 10 pm each Tuesday night to WATCH IT!

The selection is quite nice too! I've found House, 24, Family Guy, The Real Housewives of OC, Hell's Kitchen, The Office, Top Chef, and many, many others.

As far as the selction for children, ehh... it's limited: a few Veggie Tales, some random cartoon movies (that would entertain if necessary) (Oh, and Ice Age, the Pink Panther and The Night of the Headless Horseman).

(Michael liked all the crap movies that are played on weekends, like Dragonheart and SwimFan... blarg)

But FREE. Like, really free. Me likes free.

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  1. I've clicked over to Hulu once, but I guess I was looking for something specific that I couldn't find, and I got mad and clicked away. I guess I'll have to give it another chance when I am not feeling so cranky.


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