15 February 2009

I Heart You Apple.

While in Birmingham on Friday, I made an appointment with a local Genius (how genius is it to call them geniuses?) at the Apple Store at the Summit. My iphone has been asking me for several months now "Would you like to turn on the Airplane mode?" ... and I'm obviously not living on an airplane so I was sick of answering no.

As a back story, this is my 3rd iphone - the first died last May at the beach. It wouldn't charge, it wouldn't turn on and after calling Apple, they determined that making me drive from Montgomery to Birmingham was a smidge ridiculous and they shipped me a box so that I could ship my phone to them and determine the problem. I shipped on a Wednesday morning at NO COST TO ME WHATSOEVER and by Friday afternoon they had replaced my phone with a brand new one and it was in my hands. Same story, different problem about 6 months back - the phone had "numb" area... just this band across the length of the screen where touching it did nothing. Shipped on a Tuesday afternoon, Friday morning - Brand. New. Phone.

So, I wasn't expecting my Valentine's gift from the Apple Gods, but after waiting 15 minutes in Apple Paradise (*swoon*), the geek Genius tells me that although my warranty expired (2 weeks ago, actually), they'd wave the $200 replacement fee and GIVE ME A NEW PHONE.

*double swoon*

I heart you Apple. You make my insides go pitter-patter.
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