09 February 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

 I've seen countless posts and heard a handful of stories about children, in the 3-5 age range, that choose to answer to another name other than that which we, as parents, rattled our mother lovin' brains out to come up with.

Personally, my mother tells me that I refused to answer to anything other than SaraBeth for one full week. Oddly enough, the Sara I was referring to was a friend in my preschool class, and although we were not friends after that time period, in some weird twist of fate or hell ended up as college roomates my Freshman year. 

So, tonight, when Conner announced that he was not Conner ("I'm NOT Conner"), we weren't at all surprised with his new name. He's apparently, from this point forth, to be referred to as Count Dooku.

But, for the record, Conner thinks Count Dooku is really General Grievous and that General Grievous is really Count Dooku (I can see his confusion). So, he has really chosen to be this dude:

Which for the record, is a lot scarier to answer to. I mean, he's got like 4 arms which means quadruple the light sabers. Yikes.

A lot less scary? The following snippets from bedtime tonight:

Me: "Count Dooku.... You need to come brush your teeth. Now."

...and later...

Me: "Goodnight Conner. I love you."
Conner: "I'm not Conner, I'm Count 'Doodoo'!"
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry Count Dooku. I love you. Goodnight."

...while I'm grabing a diaper and my drink... 
Mike: "Count Dooku, lay down and stop kicking the dog"

...and finally...

Me: "Goodnight Babe, love you"
Mike: "Night. Turn on the alarm."
Conner: "He's not Babe. He's Genewal Geevious"
Me: "Goodnight General Grievious" 

Then Mike tells me I'm Princess Leia.
I object, and choose to be Padme. She's much hotter.
Conner has his say as well (and to be honest, this is the character he always assigns me)....
"Momma not Padme... she Yoda."


  1. baha! that's adorable!

    and it is true, my child has deemed himself Spongebob. Rarely does he use his actual name, and when he does he pronounces it "Eek"

  2. haha GOSH!! Raising boys sounds like soo much fun, Yoda! :o)
    This was hilarious!!

  3. Boys are too fun.

    Conner once pretended to be Squidward for a day ... and... I'm really glad that one didn't stick...

    Could he be calling me Yoda because I'm only 4'10" (and A HALF!)?

  4. Hahahaha. I hope those names stick around for a while.


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