21 February 2009

Kaboodle, Slap Braclets and Does Zak Morris Tweet?

Does anyone remember the old school chat rooms?

When I was 12ish, we had the internet and I spent way too much time in chat rooms (before they were creepy... ok, like 15 minutes before they became creepy). Anyways, I spent most of my time pretending to be 16, talking to some guy named Nikos from Greece, he was "16" too. Oh, how many nights I lie in my bed dreaming of Greece and it's beautiful water and rocky shores. Sigh. 

That was Yahoo! Chat, and I'm referring to chat rooms even before then. You know, back when you would type something, press enter, then refresh... and refresh ... and hit refresh one more time before your "friend" would reply?

So now we've advanced in the ways of instant communication. Everything is there. Fast. Now. Bam.

Facebook keeps us connected to people that, before our generation, we would have stayed completely disconnected from until an awkward run in at a super market or our 10-year reunion

My iPhone sends me my email the second they come in.

And Twitter is blowing up. I listen to my morning radio show on the way to Conner's Preschool on Tuesday & Thursdays and the weather guy has a Twitter update. Businesses tweet about sales and specials. Movie theaters stream about sold out shows. Local television stations Twitter breaking news. The Conversion Diary is even considering Tweeting her way through her 4th labor. How cool is that? Pretty tweet if you ask me. (Oh, I crack me up).

...The thing is Twitter is no more than a new fancier version of those dilapidated old chat room formats. You type a short message, follow a few friends,
 they can reply to you, all of which is updated by refreshing your page, right?

Refresh...refresh...refresh... OH LOOK THEY REPLIED!!

Have we regressed?

Soon are bigger phones going to be in again? Should I invest in this:

 Hang on to your VCRs kids!


  1. Oh the days of chat rooms. I remember my sister and I being 12 and 10 and going into a chat room we had no business going into, like "Knitting" and saying silly things. I still watch Saved by the Bell in the mornings. It is on when I get ready for work. This post makes my heart tingle and sigh... Zak was so dreamy.

  2. Zak WAS dreamy (and still is... he's on some cop drama...). I remember crying when he and Kelly broke up at Prom (or some kind of dance, they were dressed up as Romeo and Juilet so maybe it was a Halloween party/dance/sock hop.. that sounds right... right?
    How am I supposed to liiiivvve without you...

    that was playing - I REMEMBER!).

    I CRIED ALL AFTERNOON! I was pathetic.... and 11... so whatever.

    I would go to foreign language boards and find people who spoke English. I kept thinking somehow I'd learn another language just by talking to them (IN ENGLISH). Me = moron.


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