23 February 2009

One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple NOT MY COUCH!

Conner's stomach just growled quite loudly. I looked at him and he explained "That was my tummy telling you it needs a cookie."

Funny thing is, I just opened a new screen to post a few pictures of the boys over the past week, but was stumped on an intro. Boy is Conner useful.

Although, his artwork on the other hand is more of a pain.
Here, let me show you:

That's a "dadda, a momma, a Conna (conner) and a Chasey" on momma's leather sectional. Now I have two issues with his creation, with the first being obvious. But, packed away in my Super Mom arsenal I have both the never ending knowledge of a thousand university level libraries AND Axe Deodorant Spray, which used in small amounts, takes ink right out of leather. I do suggest testing a small spot if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, as some leather surfaces have been treated with special dyes and I don't know how they'd react.... just a disclaimer.

My second issue with this beautiful masterpiece has something to do with this:

Which would be Alien Apocalypse, a crappy Sci-Fi channel movie that was one of four that Michael subjected me too over the weekend. I. HATE. SCI-FI CRAP. Good Sci-Fi is a different story, but those movies don't make it to the sci-fi channel's Saturday/Sunday 9am lineup. Gee... wonder why?

On a side note: I once read a study about how men watch this mindless crap because their brainwaves actually simulate the early stages of REM. Apparently, they need mindless television as a form of "mini nap for their brains". The study also pointed out how less likely it is for a man to be able to watch tv and talk on the phone simultaneously, whereas women are able to because tv watching does not have the "comma like" effects that control their husbands.

Back to Conner's Alien Family, you notice how we have one eye? (ALIENS WE ARE)

The first "person" is Michael, and the second one is me... we share an arm in the middle that also doubles as a smile across my adorable little one-eyed face. 

Isn't he clever? 

Conner is up next and not because he's taller, but because he has "two eyes" (I had to ask) ... then comes Chase. No more alien movies for Conner (although in defense of our parental-ness, he was watching My Life as a Teenage Robot... or is that a defense at all? Funny cartoon though.)

Chase spent his weekend getting over a bug-type-thing with fever. On Thursday, he spent the morning napping off a fever in our master closet. Which looked a little something like this:

Sorry it's so dark. The whole nap thing means no lighting. And the whole "in the closet while napping" means a lack of natural light.

He's better now though, fyi.

Conner's really supplying The Funny this morning, as I sit here and type, he's watching a Disney movie... like this:

But that's most def not the funniest thing he's worn lately. As a matter of fact, his "Lucy" (his friend from class) gave these manly "sun in faces" (sunglasses) out for Valentine's Day. And... he wears them... Heaven help me:

Note to self: Throw away heart shaped sunglasses.


  1. I love those sunglasses!

    And that is a super interesting factoid, about how men watch TV. This would explain a lot of things in my house.

  2. They will look AWESOME in my trash can...

    Doesn't it explain sooo much? Like why they can't even HEAR you when they are watching that garbage? Hmmm....

  3. You betcha! I'm the master of stain removal (seeing as all the practice Conner's put me through... I SHOULD BE!)

  4. i have to explain to jake that some stuff is "girly." he scrunches up his nose and says, "ew, i'm not a girl mommy."


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