25 February 2009

A Party In My Tummy


I went in today for a re-enameling of 3 teeth, and walked out with a numb face. Now, I feel something similar to being donkey punched in the face. 

You see, I LOVE pain though. So tomorrow, Michael and I (whilst the Wild Thing is at PreK) are going to a "Parental Screening" at a local total waste of money Very Expensive Private Schooling Institution for Mediocre Learning. We're thrilled, really. AND! We get to be "evaluated" during Chase's naptime. Aren't we a special kind of beautiful crazy? Shucks... *blush*
I'm sure to blog more about the screening post-screening... 

But HECK Amanda, why stop the fun there???

Let's schedule a 9 AM EGD, in which I get an IV (WITH NEEDLES), and some really nice doctor-type-man to shove a camera-on-a-tube down my throat, into my esophagus and upper tummy and then biopsy my esophageal lesions. Oh yes... I really know how to throw a party. If you wear the right shoes, you're totally invited.

But why stop with 6 shots, 3 new enamels, 1 filling, an overpaid snobby-two-shoes checking to see whether me and the Mr. are "of quality", AN IV, and 1 camera in my tummy (sorry, no 5 golden rings or french hens)??


That's if my body cooperates.

Needless to say, I'll be more than happy to blog it up about the paid for Judging of Ye Ole Parental Skills and all the pieces of my esophagus they remove, but don't expect me to like it. By that point, I'll be all partied out.


  1. My husband is having an EGD on Friday at 8:30. You'll both be okay.

    And I'm sorry for the numb face!

  2. Is he also scheduled for an IUD insertion 4 hours later (if his period cooperates and comes on time)? That's the part I'm most freaked about honestly. In case my 4,000 previous posts about said subject didn't hint at that...

    Does he have GERD? My doctor is thinking I have several lesions.. and MAN i'd love to get them better so I can have a GLASS OF WINE!

    I was just off to your blog to comment, see you soon!

  3. 1. Wow that was alot to take in.
    2. How would one go about get an IV sans needle?
    3. At least you waited to go to the snooty private school meeting until you son was actually OF SCHOOL AGE. People in the Ham have fetuses on the waiting list.
    4. Just move back and we can turn them all into home-school crazys

  4. 1. I'm A.D.D. like that
    2. Ha! I wish!
    3. Snooty school people can/may bite me
    4. Dude! No.

  5. Staci, I don't know what you are talking about.



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