05 February 2009

Quick Takes: 2nd Edition


The neighbors across the street left (sad face), and the new neighbors have been "moved in" for something close to 3 weeks now? Lauren, is that right? Anyhooter, since they've moved in, the GARAGE DOOR HAS BEEN OPEN 24/7.

I totally get having your garage door open to move in your stuff, or for rearranging your attic. But PEOPLE, it's NOT THAT. They leave it open allllll day, then they come home from work, and then it's open allllll night. No lie. Mike had to get up at 2 a.m. the other morning and he checked - OPEN. Then, I couldn't sleep the other day and got up for a glass of water around 5:30 AM - OPEN. Right now it's 10 AM - OPEN. Lunch time? OPEN. Dinner? YOU GET THE POINT. FOR. THREE. WEEKS. Why does this bother me? It was 19 last night. Isn't this bad for your energy costs? There is ATTIC ACCESS in the garage, don't they fear people climbing up in there and waiting all night, then coming out in the in-house access during the night to murder off their faces?? For reals.


Chase is now sleeping till 12:30* in his own crib (holla!). And for the record, I've made the Executive Decision to continue night feedings till after our beach trip in April. I feel no shame for nursing all for bigger boobies in my bikini.

(*Last night he slept till 3 AM! WOOT!)


I enjoy the Kelly's Court segment on Fox News (go ahead, roll your eyes). This morning, it's about a dad in a minivan who was allegedly speeding. The police officer turns on her lights and begins a "routine" traffic stop. Then, he puts on his blinker and tries to get off the interstate, slowing down. It is then that she RAMS HIS MINIVAN WITH HER CRUISER MULTIPLE TIMES.
To note, he had 3 young children in his minivan and he was only trying to find a safe place to pull over! He spent 2 nights in jail and it cost the father $1,500 in damages to his car.
The question is, should he sue?
My verdict (as was Kelly's): YES!
This police officer had absolutely NO GROUNDS for use of excessive force. She put this man and his small children in danger as well as the other drivers in the area. With the force she used, this could have easily turned into a much bigger accident. It was CLEAR that his intent was to stop his vehicle. Had he of wanted to run, he would have most likely not put on his blinker and SLOWED DOWN. I hope this police officer is punished and retrained.
Here's a link for the story. And to FoxNews: boooooooooo. Your website is TERRIBLE!

In case you haven't noticed, I've had a bit of "bloggy flu" the last week. Sorry about that guys. It was a mix of writer's block, lack of time due to my husband's unbelievable work load, the laundry and me being too darn busy with our taxes.
Which, by the way, I am officially DONE with inputting my 'cost basis' (basically that means inputting how much you bought X stock for and how many shares, to determine whether it was a loss or a gain against the information that is imported from your 1099). All-in-all, I'm done and should have a Post-A-Palooza this weekend. Oh, contain yourself people.


My SIL Ali (hi!!) went to NYC this past week. I'm uber jealous. She also went to some fancy nice dress wearing thing and met John Kerry. She's going to kill me for posting this picture:


What's more boring than blogging about the weather? Oh not much, so that's why I'm going to do it now!

It's going to be in the 70s ALL NEXT WEEK (starting TOMORROW!). How FREAKING EXCITING IS THAT?!?


Conner has been on. my. last. nerve. Since Chase can now walk (oh... oops... did I forget to blog that... um... yea.. my bad) Conner thinks he's free game.

Brother walking toward you with little balance and you are bored? Shove him over.
Bath get boring? Body slam your sibling into the water.
Standing on your cozy coupe with nothing to do? Where's Chase?

I've only threatened to ground him till he turns 18 1.4 million times. Here soon, I'm just going to resort to this:

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  1. The real question is: do your neighbors have anything in their garage worth stealing?

    70's? I am SOOO jealous.

  2. Sadly Erin, I already checked and the answer is no.

    And yes! 70s! All! Week!

  3. Really? Oh, no! I'll let them know.

  4. Lauren, I am pretty sure they are aware of the garage door being open. I mean, every now and then (like for an hour or two every 2 days), they'll close it. I just think they prefer the convenience of outdoorsiness in their garage?!? Who knows. Anyways, its closed at this hour. Mike and I are taking bets on when they'll open it again.


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