13 February 2009

Quick Takes: 3rd Edition


We are currently in Birmingham for a long weekend. This is a good thing because I, for some odd reason, love setting up new offices for Michael’s company (which we've done 3 times... I think). There’s something about new office furniture, lists, installing new networks and software, organizing a filing system and adding new signage that makes my inner school teacher swoon. The bad thing is that this isn’t our office. The office that was going to be our Golden Ticket and Yellow Brick Road to Birmingham – HOME! Now, it’s set to be the much-celebrated 400th office for Michael’s company, a big deal in the sense that not only is it a growing company but it’s a company that can actually continue to OPEN offices and MAKE jobs in this economy. Kudos to This Company, that due to SEC regulations and Michael’s job security, I can not name.

Here's Michael this morning making a sad face that this is not our office, and we aren't coming home :(


Since I’m having a bit of a struggle with this not being “our” office, I think this will be a quicker seven takes. So, my number 2 is that when I typed SEC earlier, I actually typed SEX and didn’t notice it for a while. What am I thinking about… maybe I'm thinking about my number 7 quick take... Now don't cheat!


Right now, Michael is just short of offering Conner bars of gold and chocolate rivers if he will JUST EAT SOME DINNER. I know kids are picky, and Conner is JUST THAT – but PEOPLE – it’s like corporal punishment for him just to get a few bites of FRUIT! Come on! It’s FRUIT! I’m not ASKING for him to eat Tofu and Whole Grains for Pete’s sake (although I do sneak those in, I’m like a Fox). Geez Kid. Good thing we use Pedisure.


I’ve got a few product reviews coming up! Aren’t you supa excited! Me Too!! Two companies are in the process of sending me samples and giveaways. Stay tuned my peoples.


It seems that I need to post at least one current events story in each Quick Takes as with an economy-centric husband and my mild obsession with the national news coverage, it is a major player in the Zaremba game. On our 2-hour treck to Birmingham, Michael and I were discussing (over Wall-E blaring in the backseat…) how the pot heads accomplices (alleged, of course) to Michael Phelps being totally human and 23 smoking some Marijuana scandal have been investigated and charged with possession. Apparently, two people who own or rent the house where the event took place are facing up to 30 days in jail (!) and a $200 fine. To which, I have the following statement:

Dear State of South Carolina,
Don’t you have better things to do? Wouldn’t 30 days in jail not only be overkill on a small possession of pot and paraphernalia charge but a MAJOR expense on the tax payers for his lodging, food and activites while incarcertated? Did you guys not “experiment” in college? What the crap is wrong with you? Isn’t there like, a crap load of meth trailers in South Carolina to deal with? Dudes, seriously.


I’d LOVE to discuss the crazy, needs-to-be-locked up, please someone REMOVE HER UTERUS and JAIL HER FOR LIFE, NUTJOB and POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN MUCH LESS A MOTHER PSYCHOPATH out in California, but I might get on my soap box. And once on that soap box, I’d have to also tell of the CORUPT and INCOMPETENT, LAME EXCUSE FOR A MEDICAL DOCTOR who CLEARLY abused his patients and NEEDS HIS LICENSED REVOKED IMMEDIATELY and ALSO JAILED. Or maybe, they should just make him take care of all 14 of those children. All the diapers, formula, late nights, colic, diaper rash, car seats, school fees, proms, COLLEGE, weddings, you know… EVERYTHING… since I’m sure his at home swimming in his money pool financed by all the poor women who sought him for fertility treatments.

But, I’m not going to discuss those things. Head on over to ALittlePregnant.com and Julie will gladly summarize my thoughts in a manner that I can’t compose myself to do at this moment.


This just in. Hold your breath people as Michael and I actually have a DATE NIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT. Shocker – I know. ANDDDDD… we might go see a movie; which, for the record, I have not been to a movie theater since March of 2005. Oh, that’s right… ALMOST 4 YEARS AGO. I can barely contain myself. Leave any “Now In Theaters!” suggestions in the comments!

For more 7 Quick Takes, head on over to The Conversion Diary.

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  1. My kids won't even drink Pediasure.

    That is WAY too long since you have been to a movie. Do it! (The movie I mean, the afterpart {alluding to #2} is up to you.)


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