27 February 2009

A Quickie of the Boring Variety

Had my EGD today, and the results were inconclusive. They now believe I am having esophageal spasms, and either way it means that as an otherwise healthy 24.11-year-old, I now have to eat like a geriatric patient. Boooo.

Funny things happen under sedation: Apparently, I told a handsome "murse" (male nurse) that I wanted to have his 3rd baby (but only if it was a boy) and that he should go order me a pizza. I remember NONE OF THIS, but my husband walked into the room at the end of the conversation and I looked at the hot murse and stated "Your not my husband!". Then Michael walked over to hold my hand and him taking my hand is the very first thing I remember after waking up. Lord KNOWS what else I told that really hot nurse man. 

On the way out, he laughed at my husband and said "Good to see she found the right one. I bet you are going to go get a pizza now..."


I'm going to have a  super fun BLOGGERVERSARY coming up early this week! And you are ALL INVITED TO PARTAKE IN MY FESTIVITIES! 

Woot. Woot.

Now, off to enjoy the feely good meds and tornado warnings.


  1. Haha, you're going to be that CRAZY old lady who pinches the male nurses' tushies in the old age home.

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! :o) thats all. This one CRACKED me up! and TOTALLY agree with MadredeEzekiel. :)

  3. I WILL sooo be that lady... Oh well! Someone has to bring the Crazy.

    I went back and corrected the 1.4 million typos in this post just now. It's amazing what you'll type all drugged up..

  4. My husband had his done this morning too. He was slurring so bad after he came out of the anesthesia, and he asked our three year old the same question three times. Hilarious! And tonight he drove four hours to visit his mom and brother. I'm really hoping he still wasn't under the influence of anesthesia...

    (He did make it there okay, by the way.)

    I'm sorry the results were inconclusive! How frustrating.

  5. Erin, I was scheduled for 9, remember? I DIDN'T GO BACK TILL 11:30! I was still woozy when I left at 12:30 and they gave me some meds right before I left. Needless to say, I should have waited more than an hour before blogging :-)

    But I do get another test for the spasms! Woot.

  6. THAT was funny. MURSE.

    Don't worry. My husband had a concussion once after a snow tubing incident and he asked the male nurse if he was gay (over and over)...

    yeah...stereotype much?


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