16 February 2009

You Know What They Say About Intentions

We spent Friday/Saturday in Birmingham, had two lovely meals out (one sushi at Sumo, the other at TGIFriday's), and some down time since Mike's parents chased handled the kids for us 75% of the time.


Then on Sunday we. did. nothing. For reals.

So today, Michael had a friend over (doesn't that sound like Michael is my third child and he had a playdate? Wait... that's exactly what happened...) to shoot off michael's Conner's rocket ship that "Santa" bought him for Christmas. Needless to say, they ended up meeting some very lovely neighbors due to the rocket making its landing on top of their home. A ladder and broom were required for removal.

Then, around 2:40ish I headed off for my annual Pap and the big birth control nonsense I've been racking my tiny little head over for months. I figured I'd be gone for an hour, maybe 90 minutes tops, then back home for a relaxing evening.

I took my laptop and planned a big ole Live Blog-a-palooza for all you lovelies that humor me by reading this "fart space for my brain". It was going to be exciting, whitty, chock full of me making fun of other people in the office, and praising Jesus that I'm not pregnant (those women looked SOOO uncomfortable today!), and I could have even had a live video stream right from the stirrups! Well, that wouldn't have happened...



Who the FRENCH doesn't provide wireless internet??? SHAME!

After nearly 2 hours of SITTING and MORE SITTING, I started chatting it with several buddies via facebook (including my hubby, who was begging for me to come home - PATHETIC are WE?). At one point, I was literally naked from the waste down, feet resting comfortably on the stirrups, head and back propped up by a pillow, IMing Staci about... well.. my position...

More about that tomorrow peoples, as Amanda is tired. And tired Amanda is a grumpy bitch. So, yeah... BEDTIME! Tomorrow ALL about my crazy date with Dr. Vagina.
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