14 March 2009

Chase On Gift Giving

Scene: Master Bathroom

Setting: Chase has run a 102 fever and it won't break even with medication. I am administering a luke cold (is that a word?) bath to get his fever down. Chase is playing with his toys. I'm sitting on a bathroom stool, half listening the news that's on in the bedroom.

Me: (acting very unmothery, with the basket labeled "Conner's Medications, Thermometers and Miscellaneous"... [note to self: need to change 'Conner' to "Baby's"..., must find sharpie although this was printed in a nice font on LABELS, where did all this free time GO??]. I'm sifting through the basket for the 3rd time in desperation for Ibuprofen as Tylenol isn't working....)

Chase: splash, splash, cough, splash

Me: (internal dialogue: Nope, no Ibuprofen. Mike pick some up, or go get?)

Chase: still playing, then throws toys

Me: looks up, checks child who still has sufficent toy count, looks at tv

Chase: throws something

Me: thud

I then look down, thinking it's going to be another toy that needs to be thrown back in. It's at my feet so I start to pick it up when I realize....

...it's a giant turd.

He was done with it, clearly.


  1. A TURD??? Dear ME. EW!

    (I do hope Chase is getting well and that no more turds are thrown.)



    Motherhood is SO much fun!

  3. man. It only takes on Babe Ruth to ruin bathtime.

    hope he feels better!

  4. hahaha! I'm about to puke, cry, and wet my pants all at the same time! Please tell me girls don't do such things! lol

  5. LOL! That is funny!!! Especially since it wasn't me! Thanks for becoming a follower....

    Hope your family gets to feeling better soon!


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