25 March 2009

NOT a Parenting Expert

This past week was Conner's Spring Break and I learned a valuable lesson: Buy Liquor in Bulk before Summer.

Yes, it was nice outside and he could have been taking over the backyard, but he would only do it for short spurts without me, and I am suffering from the Yellow Death. ON TOP OF THAT - in case I've failed to mention it - both Chase and I came down with the ACTUAL Flu. That being different from the "Oh, I am sneezy and coughing and my body hurts just a little, so it must be the flu" ... in that we both had flu tests. I felt like I had a full body bruise (it hurt to LIE IN BED). DEAR GOD, if I EVER feel like that and have been diagnosed with ANYTHING remotely fatal, I will be going into the light.

Sorry, mom.

So, we did very, very little around here and it shows in Conner's Attitude.

He's grouchy. Extra mean. Pushing. Full-on fist punches, Kicking. SLAMMING DOORS (how DARE he?). All that jazz.

And by Tuesday, mind you, I was convinced that I will not survive 2.5 months of No School For The Devil Conner during the Summer months.

No, seriously.


But, anyways... that's not what this post is about.

It's about how today, after the 1.4 millionth door slam, a sobbing monster on my couch did lay. I looked at him - and did not scorn him or banish him to stick his nose in the corner for the heinous crimes he had committed - but instead: I BAAAAAA'd at him.

Like a sheep. 

And he burst out in uncontrollable laughter, as did Chase, and then myself.

So I "BAAAAAAA"d some more.

Then, I let out a "moooooooo"

Followed promptly by a "QUACK!"

And giggles continued. The crime was forgiven and the offender less pissed and more... umm... un-pissed.

He better not overstep his boundaries again or I might be forced to "OINK".


  1. Oh what we will do to make our kids happy...

    This post made me giggle! :o)

  2. lol!!! that sounds familiar, well, without the farm animal sounds, i'll try that the nest time ethan decideds to tell me to "answer him" or decides to lock himself in MY bathroom.

  3. hmmm, I just invested in real live cows to moo at my kids for me, it's the only thing that'll shut Kylie up sometimes. I highly recommend farm life for kids! side note- Kylie too is suffering from the ACTUAL flu, test and all, and she's on my last fraying nerve! and I'm not even sick- hat off to you.

  4. To you all - I say... BAAAA

  5. chasity :)26 March, 2009

    What happends when you run out of animals. I'm there already. What does a giraffe say?


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