17 March 2009

Short Picture Update

The Flu:

A word to those I'm not facebook friends with: There is no alcohol in that sippy cup and he did not enjoy the Victoria Secret's catalog prior to passing out. Thank you.

The Tummy Bug:

Upon the arrival of his "Nonna", he proceeded to give her The Tour (which I think is hilarious). He first showed her the kitchen and informed her where his "chick-den fries" could be found. Then, he showed her his "toilet room" because "my butt has lots of poopies in it"...

Post about something OTHER THAN POOP tomorrow (you know, when I'm not DIEING). Swear.


  1. ha!

    Savannah ALWAYS gives everyone a tour of our house ... no matter how many times they've visited.

    I think it's the cutest stinkin thing.

  2. hahahahaha!
    poor guys! I hope yall feel better!

  3. They both are soo cute! :o)

  4. Okay, I wasn't going to comment, but my word verification was "blechy." I only noticed it as I was navigating away, so I lost it, but I swear, it was "blechy." Now it's "eudly" which isn't funny at all.

  5. hahahahaha!!! lots of poopies!!!


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