31 March 2009

Stellan For Hope

This is Stellan:

He's adorable, right? Sadly, Stellan also has a heart condition and is fighting for his life right now. His mother blogs over at My Charming Kids, and I've recently become emotionally involved in her blog. It's really such a heart wrenching story and  The McAwesome Family (my fake name, not their doing) needs your prayers, thoughts, and special internet jujus.

(You might have noticed my Stellan picture clicky thing to your right.... ---> )

Stellan has this amazing photo album in which (mostly) complete strangers have photographed "Stellan" in so many different places (FRANCE! ENGLAND! CRAZY DESERT PLACES!) and in different ways, it's truly amazing to look through them all, which I suggest.

Here's a taste:

I see France!

I see... Senegal, West Africa (!)...

Yesterday, I decided that whereas Montgomery, Alabama is NO France or West Africa, it's one of those Thought That Counts moments, and the boys would enjoy some fun with shaving cream.

So, we Stellan'ed our living room table:

I'm sending the last one.

Here's Conner enjoying the shaving cream.

Ok, so the picture doesn't show his joyful enthusiasm....

Chase... on the other hand... wanted NOTHING to do with getting messy. Who's kid IS THIS?

Who's ever he is, they sure are lucky :)

Go on over to My Charming Kids and send the McAwesome Family some love. They really need it right now. 


  1. How sweet! I have been following her blog and praying for Stellan too. I love the shaving cream idea.

  2. Woah!

    I looked at those Stellan pictures for like an hour this afternoon.

    I'm glad you wrote this blog.

  3. I.am.addicted.to.her.blog. I love it, and yes... I am attached at this point to sweet baby Stellan! Great pics, I am thinking of something cool to do on my end of the world! Hope everything is going great for you and your family!


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