23 March 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2-oh-oh-9

Oh... ehh..... hi there! You must be from 5MinutesforMom:

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

(and if not, you'll just be bored...)

Let me shove all this junk under a table, in a closet or into a shower with the curtain closed and I'll be riiiight with you.

Ah. There.

I'd hate to be a giant poser and make you think I'm some kind of neat freak that doesn't let her children or her family actually live in their house because I'm too obsessed with what people may think about me if I don't appear to live in a magazine....

Wait. Tangent!

My name is Amanda and my last name is hardly pronounceable. I'm 24, with a BIRTHDAY THIS  Sunday (29th), making me a quarter of a century young. Sweet. 

I'm also the mother of 2 half-breed monkey/gorilla hybrids wonderfully rowdy boys (ages 3.75 and 15 months). I blog LIVE! from the capital city of Alabama, which is Montgomery for those of you who are surprised that it is not Birmingham. I know. It should be.

I am also a graduate of The University of Alabama with a degree in Public Relations/Advertising. I minored in Getting Knocked up by my Junior year and also graduated with my MRS. That makes me special... right?

Nowadays, I enjoy all the perks of The Mom Job and choose to blog about it for several reasons - it's therapeutic, I don't have the scrapbooking gene and writing is pretty much the only gift God gave me....

Yes, I use my children's real names. Most of you know them anyways.

I have the personality of a 6'6" man trapped in a 4'10.5" body. I'm loud, sometimes bitchy, occasionally moody, disorganized yet incredibly passionate and a total goofball. My friends just think I'm odd and that's fine by me.

What you can expect from my blog: 2-4 posts a week about the Special Form of Crazy I possess, my insane children (...and their poo...), a bad word or two (nothing too 'R' rated, I keep it PG-13 around these parts), the occasional tip or trick, a recipe or two, and The Funny.

What you can find somewhere other than my blog or nowhere at all: Porn. Financial advice (although the Hubster is a Stock Broker, we are required by this tiny group of federal agencies to keep hush hush on The Internets about that... you know... crazy SEC....), my SSN, my address, stories about my poo, boring blah blah blah about the more boring parts of the Mom Job (I try and leave that out for you guys...)

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon! Feel free to check out the archives from the last several months and also the "Platinum Edition" found in the right hand toolbar OR these links:

And those are just a few. I get bored quickly with looking up links. Some call it lazy... 

OOooohhhh... and leave a comment!!! I'll stalk you back!! PROMISE!


  1. Hey hey, I love parties! Just boppin around blogs today. Love yours!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thanks for the laugh! Nice to meet you.

    Happy UBP '09!

  3. Thanks girls for the linky love! I'll make sure to return the favor!!

  4. I know your address. Your SSN will take some snooping around.

  5. Umm... no one pay any attention to the crazy red head that claims to know my address...

    Move along... just move along... nothing to see here.

  6. Hi there, I’m stopping by from the UBP. It’s nice to meet you!
    I’m having a giveaway on my blog- if you want to check it out! annejensenfamily.blogspot.com

  7. Hey Amanda,

    Nice to meet you. I also have boys at home and a degree! Yipee! I'm stopping by from the UBP! Have a great day!

  8. I just discovered your blog from the link Maggie dropped this week and I'm addicted already.
    Can't wait to read more!


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