19 March 2009

W.W.L.C.D.? **Updated**

*Question at the bottom

I wore my hair half up for Chase's doctor's appointment on Monday. I felt a little down (not knowing yet that I was catching the Flu from Chase), my hair was a wreck and my head hurt too much for a ponytail. 

I didn't care that I thought I looked like a 6th grader.

But then, I kind of thought it was cute too. 

Really on the fence about it, and I thought about taking a picture to post with this blog. THEN I realized how absolutely stupid I was for even THINKING about posting a picture of myself when I looked like DEATH.

So, I did what any too-much-reality-television-SAHM would... I asked myself "What would Lauren Conrad Do?"

Because, see... it's all about standards. And in my mind, whether or not LC would approve is the Golden Standard for all that is fashionably acceptable. After thinking it over, I was positive that I'd seen LC wear her hair half up just as I had with the only difference being that she looked waaaay hotter.

Our standards set our expectations. 

My husband eats the partial garbage I set before him every night at dinner because it's what he expects from the standards of meal quality I've set forth over the course of our marriage. Call him a trained dog. 

Say I had started off our marriage cooking 4 course gourmet meals and just now (two kids deep) starting giving him Hamburger Helper or Chicken and Rice Casserole, see... he'd be disappointed.

(Side note: I actually can cook, but I don't have the time anymore to cook the things that take time... soo... we eat lots of Hamburger Helper and casseroles...)

Or... say hypothetically... if I'd been keeping my house spotless for YEARS and my mom came over to watch Conner while I shuffled Chase off to the pediatrician, only to come home feeling really battered for her to point out that I need to dust my clock - had she of been mislead for years to think I actually CARED, then she'd be disappointed, her expectations unmet. But, fortunately for both of us, I understand that clock-dusting is farrrr less important than another game or two of hide and seek or making sure we have clean underwear (which, until last night, we didn't... so...). (and can you believe she pointed out my dusty clock on my wall... DUDE... what GIVES?... if you care that much LET ME SHOW YOU WHERE WE HIDE THE PLEDGE)

Which brings me to my final Standard and Expectation:

Not knowing what Chase had, I was determined with the passion of a thousand white-hot suns to leave that doctor's office without a life-threatening disease we didn't enter with. So, I brought Clorox Wipes - which I feverishly shoved into an empty plastic bag even though I was already running late (because apparently, bringing in the whole container would just make me feel bad... who knew?).

Fortunately, we only spent a few minutes (like... umm.. 2 minutes) in the waiting room. I have successfully deciphered the Code of Pediatrician and now understand which appointment time is The One That Gets You In and Out the Absolute Fastest (under 1 hour, with full lab workup!!) (and sorry, I can't tell you or everyone will do it... I'm selfish like that).

The nurse came, sent us to lab and then we went back to our room. Chase shuffled for the play stairs and book bin and I began a frantic search for the Clorox wipes. 

I then took ONE wipe, starting at the top of the handrail that children in This Pediatricians Office use to get up to the table (it doubles as the Best Toy Ever because what child under 4 doesn't love little tiny Stairs Their Size??).

And then... I looked at the wipe.

On the left: an unused Clorox Wipe              and      On the Right: ONE SWIPE on the most COMMONLY touched surface by children in my pediatrician's office.

I almost threw up (no exaggeration).

I'll give the office this: this was not the first morning appointment (but it wasn't even afternoon either). 

But then, I proceeded to wipe the book bin with the SAME RESULTS. 

Now, I'm not a pediatrician, but if I were, I can ASSURE you I'd be paying someone to disinfect EVERYTHING in the room a child could potentially touch. At the very least, I'd require someone to wipe down the most commonly touched surfaces in between patients with a FREAKING CLOROX WIPE.

For those in Montgomery, I won't name the practice. I do kinda feel bad... (but if you are concerned, email me)

BUT - is this acceptable to you? Does this meet your expectations for cleanliness ANYWHERE much less a Peds practice?

(Makes me wonder if they don't CARE b/c if the child gets sick again, then they'll be back which equals more $$.... food for thought)


**Updated: A reader (Bonnie) suggested I write a letter (including pics) and send it to the pediatrician in question. What would you do?**


  1. You are a better person than me, I SO would have let the Doc know how I felt about the sub-par cleaning effort- or lack there of. But then I know mine personally (read- do her hair). Even if I didn't know her I'd have had a mach-3 fit, my highest fit variety, ESPECIALLY if I felt crappy (and had a half pony tail -haha). Yuck. Maybe an anonymous letter with pictures.....

  2. Yuck! That is so disgustingly gross. I had never thought of bringing Clorox wipes to the doctor's office, but I definitely will now!

    P.S. I would have loved to have seen this picture that you almost took, even if you looked like death.

  3. Erin - It was the FLU!?! You totally don't want to know what I looked like.... GEEZ it was BAAAD

  4. seen your house. not sure why this would bother you.

  5. First off, no one named "Sara" has ever been in my house. Secondly, how about you ball up and tell me who you REALLY are.

    Oh, and third, I don't allow trash in my house - including you. (ps - I probably know exactly who this is... (b*tch))

    (And for the record - I'd LOVE to take a few clorox wipes to ANYTHING in my house and SHOW YOU. And this is photographic evidence from a DOCTOR'S OFFICE, not my home. A medical practice should uphold certain sanitary standards... bottom line).

    Feel free to comment back when you can tell me who you really are...

  6. I think I will write a letter... Anonymous or not?

  7. I think that's the same office I take my kids to..... That's kinda gross, but I do love the doctors there. I think I'll take something to clean up with next time.

    They might not even know it's that dirty. You should so let them know. I think if said in a nice way they might even appreciate it?

  8. Kara - Maybe, just maybe, they don't know how dirty it is. I think I will construct a (nice) letter ... and HOPEFULLY they'll see it as a motivation to more thoroughly clean their facilities.


  9. I would definitely tell them. Thats pretty sick! I will start bringing clorox wipes with me to the Peds. form now on!!

  10. I thought about this today at the eye doctor's office, when they conspicuously wiped every surface I had to put my chin/forehead on with an alcohol wipe. I'm not super-nuts about germs (also, no kids, remember), but I think it's a nice touch to do it where you can see it. Kind of like tattoo guys opening the inks and needles in front of you.

    Don't you love my point of reference there?

    (ALSO) I'm now using my last initial so that you won't confuse my mean comments with other people's mean comments. I do not like my name being hijacked.

  11. To clarify, I don't think the above commenter was trying to screw with me personally. Just wanted to clear it up in case anyone had me mixed up with someone else.

  12. Sara R - The point of reference was great... go figure The Childless Ones use tattoo parlor standards for comparison to a Peds office... haha...

    Oh, and I totally know who the "bad sara" is... and I knew it wasn't you. First, you have a google account and second, you own up to your criticisms. She's just a total a*hole.

  13. Chasity :)26 March, 2009

    I am totally interested in this "bad" Sara. Wooooo. I'll bet money on Amanda. LOL~ this is some funny stuff.

  14. Well, Chasa, for starters her name is NOT Sara...


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