11 March 2009

The Yellow Death

Dear Yellow Death,

We've been enemies for years, as you probably recall.

Like a moth to a flame, I am drawn outdoors at this time each year for its beautiful rays to wipe away the cold winter crust from my eyes. I enjoy the sunlight and the laughter of my children running half-naked through the grass (don't know why they are half-naked, however). 

Oh yes, Spring is here and I have awaken from my Winter's nap. I do hibernate, in case you didn't know. Amanda doesn't do cold.

It's after a day or two of consistent mild 70-ish weather, nice breezes and a slight tan line that wonderful ideas come flooding into my brain:
I could plant a garden.
The boys and I could have a picnic.
We should all go for a long walk as a family.
Let's take up recreational activities PLENTY!

Then, I am reminded why it is I have never planted a garden and can't recall the last Spring picnic - I am a swollen-faced, sneezing on repeat and a watery-eyed MESS.

Chase is sneezing too.

And the pollen hasn't even really begun.

After checking weather.com, I noticed that the tree pollen count is high, but weeds and grass are still at none. In translation to all you normal people, this means I'm doomed. As I am allergic to EVERY SINGLE tree in the continental U.S., 4 types of grass and most weeds (per an allergy prick test a long time ago... ouch!).

So to you, Yellow Death, curse thee! I'm wishing for a barren spring full of twiggy trees, brown grass and lifeless flowers, but lovely weather...

The Sneezing One Hyped Up On Prescription Allergy Medication and Found Under the Humidifier in Her Bubble


  1. :'(

    wear a mask out side maybe?

    you'd look like the unibomber, but you could enjoy the weather.

  2. Ok so you must try this nose spray called Astelin. It is a prescription and you use it twice a day and it is like a miracle in a little pointy tipped bottle. i used to take allergy shots but stopped when I got preggers and was going to start up again but my allergist said I probably need to redo the allergy prickly test cuz pregnancy changes you. So to make a long story even longer he gave me this stuff to get through the season cuz it's too late to do the test and start the shots for the spring. It has been a life saver. I have yet to get "sick" from being outside and I am allergic to air so that's saying something


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