16 April 2009

7 Quick Takes: Bunny Ears and Going Dutch Edition

And packing for 4 people, 2 of which are unable to pack for themselves and the other...ummm... unable to pack for himself... leaves me with packing clothes for FOUR WHOLE HUMANS for EIGHT WHOLE DAYS. I developed a Plan Of Action though. 

Remember the crazy flu/tonsil nonsense/yellow death? Well, after that, we went to Birmingham and had a Great Friday on Good Friday, followed shortly by an additional 3 day stay and Easter (WITH NO PICTURES, spare me)... leaving me with not a single pair of underwear and Conner and Chase sharing an old shirt of mine...

So. I implemented The Plan and am in process of washing every single thing we own, only to pack it into suitcases, See? NO SORTING OR FOLDING OR HANGING.


I'm not telling when or where said trip is. 
Neener Neener
But it is to some place with Sand! and Ocean! Booyahs.

Staci, who is NOT an imaginary friend but does not blog (yet), thankyouverymuch, has become SUCH a Saving Grace lately. She's a mommy of 3, absolutely hilarious, and of the non-judgey type. I heart those who can admit their sink is full of dirty dishes AND they are watching tv without CARING. Those are good peoples, people. 

We talk nightly about our crazy lives and whatnot... and it's incredibly therapeutic and I miss her muchly.

.............and then.............
she tells me she and her husband have received orders to The Netherlands.....

Like as in HOLLAND.


Oh, and they have to move their tushes and the tushes of their THREE KIDS UNDER THE AGE OF FOUR in 6 months.

Well, crap.

On the positive side of this story, they are all coming to visit us next month. For those of you who are bad at math, that's FIVE children under FOUR staying in a 2,000 sq. foot home, sharing two rooms* with an additional FOUR adults. It's going to be nothing but pure awesomesauce I tell you.

Most certainly illegal in most states. (But maybe not FREAKING HOLLAND)

*two rooms for the kids, two for the adults...

Conner went to the zoo. 

With his preschool class.

The entire class noticed MAYBE 2 animals.

So, what did they do the rest of the time??? you ask.

Well, they looked at the treasure map, duh.

Oh, and then they went to the playground....

I found a prescription medication (THANKS MOM!) that allows me to, prepare yourself people, EAT FOOD! And have an occasional GLASS OF WINE. I mean, can you believe the craziness of that??

(It's called Bentyl and is prescribed for esophageal spasms, in case you are one of those in my shoes)

Congrats! You made it through this boring quick takes! Here's a picture of myself in bunny ears supplied by the glorious Mighty Maggie.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. for the record, dished are filthy, carpet has GOT to be vacuumed, and there are 4+ loads of laundry waiting to find a home,and yet I am here, at the computer, wasting time on blogs/myspace... no offence... but you get it... right?

  2. Woo wee! Love the bunny ears!

  3. andrea(& jake)17 April, 2009

    your blogs are the highlight of my day!

  4. @Bonnie - I get it, thanks for not being a spaz and making other mommies feel inadequate!

    @Erin - Glad you enjoyed my humilation. I'm here all week...

    @ Andrea - YIPPEE!

  5. Have fun at the warm sandy place!! I'll be there in spirit.

  6. You had a neighborhood cookout??? Where were those when I lived there?

  7. Bunny Ears are FABULOUS! :o) You really ARE a hoot AND your posts are the highlight of MY day as well! :o) haha Have fun at the beach... :) Just know that I, along with every other moms that read your blog, are EXTREMELY jealous!!!


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