24 April 2009

7 Quick Takes: I'm Having a GIVEAWAY, FYI Edition

If you haven't already entered my Fabuluous Giveaway... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It's free stuff people, and free good stuff... SO CLICKITY CLICKITY already.

We just spent a week in Destin, FL. 

 (not my picture, google let me borrow it... kinda)

But, I'm not sure when my vacation started or ended.... Either way, I'm in need of some rest. Like, whoa.

Don't worry your little brains out. It's unattractive. There will be more on our trip in another post sometime this week...

I'm trying to type this with a 16 month old asleep at the foot of my bed. I'm totally risking nap time for the sake of blogging. Bad mom or good blogger??

This could, quite possibly be, the shortest Quick Takes you'll ever see.

I sent my husband to the store during our vacation for two items: toothpaste and diapers. He came back with those and the following:
- Two beach chairs with wheels (probably 50 bucks!)
- Two foam swords (right, because Conner needs more weaponary for his growing arsenal...)
- A cooler with wheels (if it has wheels, in Michael's book, it automatically becomes a trillion times better than it's wheel-less counterparts)
- 4 6-packs of gatorade
- A 10-peice sand bucket collection complete with shovels and crab molds galore (we already had said item in room and yes, he knew that.)
- An additional, yet notably larger, shovel.

Two crucial mistakes: 1)Never send husband to store when he's bored already and 2)Don't let aforementioned bored husband bring equally bored 3-year-old

For the record, we never used the cooler.

Did I mention I'm tired? That vacations need vacations after them? That my husband has a spending problem? That my child is trying to sleep? OR... did I forget to mention that I'm giving STUFF AWAY

For more Quick Takes that suck way less but might not offer FREE STUFF visit the Conversion Diary.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun, even if you spent a little more than anticipated :)

    And yes, I agree that you need a vacation from your vacation.


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