02 April 2009

And Since All I Can Do Today Is Complain

Mom Job Things I Despise Doing #7,382:
Re-threading Car Seat Straps.

Babyless Followers: This is the (ungodly) act of taking apart an entire car seat and attempting to re-thread the straps to fit your growing wee-one. Typically, it's not that hard to take the car seat apart, but then you must put the thing back together with all it's 20+ pieces IN ORDER. Also, the instructions are surely in Mandarin and require a Doctorate in Physics to decipher.

Oh, and if you don't do it right, you risk your child being fatally injured during a car accident.

No pressure.

(And right now, I only have to do TWO seats. Oh, and they are not the same brand... so the process is completely different for each seat. Great.)


  1. I feel your pain. That and crib sheets are the worst.

  2. Ugh.

    Crib Sheets.

    My worst enemy.

  3. I cheat. I'll share a little known secret with you. If you go to a local fire station that has trained professionals in the car seat ways. They will fix and install your car seats properly all for free. I go to the trussville station when I get new car seats or when they need adjusting. You just fill out the year make and model of your vehicle, home address model of car seats yadayada. Then you drive off a happy mom knowing the kids are strapped in and no parts are missing.

  4. My husband does this, but I know it's a pain. And I HATE crib sheets!

  5. Why do crib sheets not bother me?
    Ah! I know! Because I have to change Conner's bunk bed sheets - try to imagine: The bed is in a "box" of sorts, both sides blocked by a built in book shelf and the built in desk;s back (it's like the top half of the bed is a cave). So, you have to be on top of the mattress to re-sheet it... which, for obvious reasons, makes it a NIGHTMARE. I never come away from it with my breath. So. Hard.

    @Chasa- TOTALLY taking advantage of my local firemen... in a rated 'G' version, of course ;-)

  6. oh honey, BRITAX- best car seat ever! so easy a dad can do it... lol -and highly rated, second only to Chicco... and no, they don't pay me per post..lol


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