13 April 2009

Box O'Fun

Last time I won something (other than the prize of motherhood, right? right.) I was in 5th grade - it was a gallon sized bucket filled with Butterfingers.

I was ecstatic.

Yet, I hate Butterfingers.

So, when Mighty Maggie blogged about a random box of stuff she received from a fellow mommy blogger, and in turn, decided to do the same, I thought "hey, I like this girl's blog, I never comment, so... why not kill two birds and see what happens..."

And I won. Honestly, I was completely pathetic and waaayy too excited when I checked that Friday to see if I had. Us SAHM's will do ANYTHING for a little pick-me-up!

Then, a little while later, I am doing my usual routine with the exception being that the night before I made a VOW that I'd FINALLY stop being sick and clean. my. house. It is amazing what having the flu, your children having the flu and then you getting tonsillitis ON TOP of The Yellow Death will do to your standards of cleanliness. I was swamped I tell you.

Oh! BUT! The doorbell rang, and there sat a happy little box on my happy little doorstep. A surprise JUST FOR ME! I was over the moon with geekiness.

I practically ripped the box open with my bare teeth, dropping my Swifter to the ground and cut Michael off mid-sentence (he'll survive).

"A Note of Explanation" which included an awesome new way for me to spice up my Ramen noodles a-la Asian - add an egg! I've just never thought of that...

This card is adorable. But then, I stopped to think about it... you really can't have just one shoe.... well, I mean... if you have two legs you can't

Do you guys want a picture of me wearing the bunny ears?

These are flip-flops FOR YOUR DRINKS, wearable coasters! Adorable.

Maggie tells me this book killed precious brain cells. I'm not sure I have any left to spare though...

And OF COURSE coffee... she lives in Seattle. I haven't tried it yet, but MAN does it smell good.

Additional contents:
Space Needle shaped noodles (all organic)
Tons of chocolate eggs and Reese's chocolate eggs, which completely sufficed as an adequate lunch for two days. 
Grapefruit Vegetable Soap (it smells delicious...)
A book of bookmarks that are very shabby chic. 
And stationary pictured above.

Thanks to Maggie for all the goodies! What a pick-me-up! 

So, the tentative plan is to pass on the joy to my readers, BUT there's a glitch - we have a jam packed schedule for the next 2 weeks... and I will have NO time to host a giveaway and then gather items. SO, the first week of May, look out for a GIVEAWAY of a completely random, but oh so fun Box O'Amanda!


  1. How fun! Isn't Maggie awesome? It was she who directed me to you - she's always good for an introduction. :)

    I loved your line about how the chocolate served as an adequate lunch for 2 days. I wish I could get away with that - my daughter wants whatever I'm eating, so I have to sneak my chocolate during nap times.

  2. You're right, that card is stupid.

    I hope you did me proud and ate all that chocolate in one sitting, the way God intended.

    And I'm glad it arrived on the "right" day. :)

  3. @ Mrs. Moose - Maggie IS awesome... and I consumed my chocolate covered lunch covertly in the kitchen, whilest my children ate their balanced dishes parked in front of the tele, like ALL good little children do. ;-)

    @ Maggie = Card NOT stupid, but cute!

    And yes, I did you proud. It did take me two lunches, but mostly because I also combined some booty from the Easter bunny's stash. Don't tell him.

  4. FUN!!! I cant wait! :o)

  5. YES, we want a picture of you in the bunny ears!

    I demand it.

    - Lydia

  6. Awesome!

    Prizes are the BEST !

    (I want my cookie)

  7. BUNNY EARS!!!!

    I 2nd the demand!

    so glad you won the box O'surprises, so well deserved!

  8. @ ALL OF MY AWESOME PEOPLES! - I wanted a pic w/ the ears but I forgot to take one on Easter. Soooo, the next time I have my hair washed and mascara on (I think that'll be Thursday....), you will all get a bunny pic.

    How excited are you?!!

    I'm pathetic.

  9. I am loving the giveaway idea. A package ala' Amanda. I would settle for a visit. With the kids too of course.

  10. How fun. I love that little box of goodies. (Although it isn't little, it's huge.) Good for you!


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