27 April 2009

Eggs Aren't Offered This Way At Waffle House - I Hope

Chase slept through the night, as in 9:30 PM till 8:30 AM. Which, for the record, Chase managed to wake every single morning for our 8 day vacation at FOUR in the morning

He'd wake, not go back to sleep, start talking, playing and eventually... want to nurse. So, I'd fetch him and he'd nurse with me on my side half-asleep and he'd stick his fingers all the way up my nose or in my eyeballs (OUCH) or even scratch my gums with his fingernails.

BEFORE THE SUN WAS EVEN UP.... Waaaaay before. Sigh. Wasn't this supposed to be a vacation??

Returning from vacation, in my house, means no groceries, and baby who hasn't nursed for almost 11 hours = hungry. Chase eats 2 eggs every morning. I make those eggs with milk. If I use water, he doesn't finish... 

... I was engorged from not nursing...

.... No milk in the house ....

.... Hungry baby ....

See where I'm going?

Yes, this morning I prepared two eggs (in the microwave), scrambled with... breast milk...


  1. That was pretty genius of you. Kind of gross, (if anyone was around who may have wanted a bite), but still genius.

  2. hey, why not? use whatcha got

  3. Brilliant! You killed 2 birds w/ one stone, right?

  4. Hey Amanda!
    I always see on your Facebook status that you have a new blog...mine is always a work in progress..
    You definently have more to blog about than me right now...but we are moving back to B'ham which is exciting and I am trying to keep everyone updated.

  5. @Erin - I promise, no boobie eggs for the guests.

    @Bonnie - AH! That's what I was being... resourceful!

    @Mrs. Moose - I chuckle every time I type out "mrs. moose"... is that ok?

    @Rosalyn - Thanks for "de-lurking"!! I didn't know you blogged... I'll have to check that out. And yes, little ones have a tendency to "spice up" the blogging... and apparently breakfast making...


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