28 April 2009

Have I Told You Lately That I Heart You?

Do you know what amazes the bananas out of me?


No, seriously.

Here I am, in my little dusty corner of the Internets, flopping some text onto an instant publisher for the world to read all about my blah blah blah, and yet... people actually read it (like... 2,500 of you a month!).


Thing is, I've got to warn you guys - whereas you are getting The Real McCoyAmanda, you must know this: I'm an absolute train wreck in real life.

I don't mean that in a "I'm absolute ape crap bonkers" way, what I mean is that for as long as I can remember I've been unable to articulate what I'm really trying to say in a conversation unless I've already planned it all out in my head (typically only applies to people I've known for less than 5 years...). BUT, sometime around middle school (maybe early HS), I realized that I can come to a complete thought, case, point and procedure in written word.

For me to blog is completely natural. Yet, then again, it's also just this splattered mess all over the WWW.

...and still you come...

So, I've got a game!
Come on... play!

See, my Google Analytics tells me lots of fun stuff, we've talked about this before. Over the past few weeks, many of you have started "outing" yourselves, which I can not express how much i LURVE. Love love love. Thank you, de-lurkers, I heart each and every one of your faces. For reals.

I have viewers ALL OVA the place. If you are one of these people, HOLLA AT CHA GIRL (read: say "hi" "it's Monchichi from Nebraska")... (It can even be anonymous... you can even be one of those people who has only been to my blog ONCE, and HATE MY FACE, but seriously, just TELL ME.... )

1. Rhode Island - I'm just fascinated with Rhode Island... it's all situated nice and pretty in the North East, access to the Big Time Cities in a short drive, yet it's TINY. As in,  1045 square miles... that just blows my mind! That's... 8 TIMES smaller than Atlanta! From RI? 

2. Richmond, VA - I've never been to Virginia, but the pictures are gorgeous... I had an english teacher in college who now teaches in VA, and she would speak of how beautiful and (obviously) history rich the state was (or is...?) .... Plus, Mike's work is opening a new office there, and if the market were to FREAKING GET OVER ITSELF ALREADY, I'd totally move there.

3.  Michigan - COOOLLD, dude. I don't know how you handle it. But, I get about 30-40 hits a month from this state and from several cities. FESS UP!

4.  Beverly Hills, CA - WHAT? I know. I know. The kids are adorable. If you are wanting head shots, hit me up already... ge'ez. Oh, and West Hollywood, CA - go ahead and admit you are reading too... i...see....you.... (and have either of you ever run into Lauren Conrad? I live vicariously through her... SAD)

5. Canada, in general - Hate me for lumping you all together later, but for now... really? I'm just a tiny little girl with two kids in Alabama....

(On my list of "really? me?": Australia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Italy, Spain, Poland?)

And don't stop reading! I know that motherhood, and The Crazy and The Funny, and blogging in general are all common threads. We all share something in common, and you are here for a reason. I hope not to disappoint...

... and now for the rambling to stop....


  1. Don't know about the Bacardi Razz*, but if she wants to know more about the weird little country she'll be moving to, and it's inhabitants, tell her to feel free to contact me.

    As for your world-map-of-commenters: you can now add the Netherlands to your list. The WHAT? Yes, the Netherlands. People actually live here. And have internet. Which they surf on from on top of their windmills wearing wooden clogs... ;-)

    *They do have plain old Bacardi, and Sprite is easily found as well...

  2. That is awesome! :) Googel ANalytics is a pretty neat-O tool! :o) Keep on blogging girl!

  3. Alright, it's out - I'm one of your lurkers from Michigan. I HEART YOU! Every post you write, I feel like I could have written it myself about my own life - including being totally awkward at actually speaking with people, but infinitely better at writing out my thoughts......crazy stuff.

  4. @ Mijke - Ge'ez. I don't know who will have more questions, me or her! Probably her... but still. She'll be glad to hear you have Rum, Sprite and Internet via windmills and wooden shoes (i kid...).

    Hey! Here's a surprise! I live in Alabama and I only have 4 cousins, none of which I'm married to... I have high speed internet access, paved roads AND all my original teeth. Crazy, eh?

    @ Rachel - LOVE the new default pic!

    @ Kate - LOVE YOUR FACE sooo much for "delurking". Michigan, eh? Brrr.. Never been (husband has). I do, oddly enough, own a Michigan State hat. I found it at the beach (Florida) when I was 12 while digging in the sand.
    Still have it, and actually wear it occasionally.
    (PS - I'm always interested to hear how people actually FIND my blog... care to entertain me??)

    NOW! Who's next??

  5. Well, I'm not on your list, but I recently found out how to use google analytics myself, and I'm having fun with that, too.

    I have so much fun reading your blog, so keep on writing!

  6. Holla -- another Michigander here. I'm relatively new from a few months ago, but I check your blog as often as time allows. Keep it up!

  7. google analytics. I'm clueless, believe it or not. And I'm in boring old Minnesota :)

  8. Utah. But I'm not a lurker. I always have too much to say :)


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