01 April 2009

I Apologize In Advance For Boring You - Cleaning Tips & Questions

I can't stay WELL. Ge'ez. Sore throat, glands swollen, feels like someone is choking me. What. Ever. Save the "sorry, hope you feel better's"... it's not good to entertain the antics of a hypochondriac.

It is hard, however, to be funny when your insides are trying to convince you to press the Internal I Quit Button.

So, what I can do is contribute to The Mom Job AND The I Have A House TOO! But No Kids Job with the following:

1. We have hard water. That is an understatement. Our water leaves clouds all over my glass shower within ONE DAY of cleaning. And my go-to cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, won't get the job done. So, with a little help from Mrs. Google, I tried the following:

Make a paste using powder laundry detergent and water. Apply paste in circular motion to glass surfaces in shower. (I like not having to break a sweat, and I didn't if that tells you how effortless this is). Let sit for a minute, then rinse with hot water. I towel dried afterwards so the water I used to clean doesn't re-dirty my shower.

Endless battle, but clean shower. And it smelled like fresh laundry!

2. I keep a bottle of 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water for a few things: windows, glass surfaces and granite counter tops to name a few. But this power cleaner can do so much, including getting a streak-free clean on black appliances like ovens, dishwasher fronts, the fridge ("fri-ja-frator" in Conner Land), and microwaves. Works like a charm.

3. Kids or no kids, the absolute best rags to use are cloth baby diapers. I thought I could do the whole cloth diaper bit, but it just didn't work for me (and I applaud all of you moms that CAN do it, because the laundry about nearly killed me trying).
So, I started using them around the house 3.75 years ago and still have the same ones. They are ULTRA absorbent, for obvious reasons, and can clean up spills better than 15 paper towels.
I use a damp one to wipe down dusty surfaces (sorry Pledge, you make dust come back faster for some reason, anyone else experience this?). 

Sooo many uses, I recommend picking up a bag of them.

4. Hardwood floors get a bathtub full of hot water, a SMIDGEN of dish soap and a splash of Pine Sol (orange flavored, please). It's VERY diluted (thus, bathtub full). I use a mop (duh) but wring it out very thoroughly. Clean, shiny, yummy smelling and disinfected. 

5. Kitchen floors get the sink filled with hot water (HOT HOT), 1/4 cup bleach and a squirt of dish soap. Mop once, then rinse mop, empty sink, refill with hot water and run over the floor again. 

Now for my questions:
1. How in the WORLD do you clean your mirrors? Our bathroom is like, 98% mirrors and I DESPISE them. Once I hike my arse up on the counter top and do the Death Match Parade of Mirror Cleaning Shame, I still can't get them clean enough.

Done? NO! Missed about 15 spots! 

It's not the cleaner, I tried Windex (and don't use it anymore, except on the outside of our glass doors). I found that the aforementioned vinegar and water mixture works best. I SWEAR it's either the technique or the rags/paper towels (both seem to give me equal, yet unacceptable results). WHAT DO YOU DO? (and don't say don't clean them, I've tried that...)

2. No seriously, how do you clean mirrors 5 ft. high  and 10 ft. wide with no streaks??? I need to clean the one on my bedroom ceiling too. I KID! That's just nasty.

3. Do you have a "cleaning schedule"? Are you OCD about it? Mention it in front of other moms just to make them cringe? OR do you really follow it? If you are of the last variety, let me know what you do. I've tried a schedule, but can't get it down. I have my lazy days and my super-ultra-someone-give-me-a-Valium-STAT days in which The Schedule was thrown in the trash.

4. I hate laundry. Should I seek therapy or just throw away all our clothes? For serious though - I'm tired of liking a new clothing item only for it to look 7 years old after 2 washes. I use Tide Ultra HE for Front Loaders (can't use anything else really, makes me sneeze). Does great getting things clean, but fades my darks. I use really cold water. Promise. Do you add anything to your darks? 

This post is way too long and you stopped reading 3 minutes ago. Sorry about that. Why did I publish this?

Ooohh... you guys get to see Conner's Preschool Class Picture sometime in the next few days, once I blur out all the other Angels' Faces. It's a real treat (you've GOT to see Conner... I can't even believe I'm purchasing this picture. IT'S THAT BAD)


  1. Best window cleaner ever: 1 cup water, 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 Tbsp. ammonia in a spray bottle. Use crumpled newspaper to wipe dry. There won't be a single streak on your mirrors.

  2. I cannot stand the smell of vinegar - makes me ill. Ditto ammonia. DOn't know why. Ugh. But my dad found me this cleaner called "Awesome" at the dollar store (yup - it's $1!) and it cleans everything. (Don't know how well it would do on the mirrors, though - have you tried changing your rag to a lint-free type or even a squeegee? That's what the window cleaners who clean my family's store-front do.)

  3. Try cleaning your mirrors with the vinegar mix, wiping with newspaper. Newsprint is better (no ink) but I know I've always read that it works well. It doesn't leave lint, and if you do it right, it's less streaky. The few times I've cared enough to do it, I've concurred.

    I'm really lazy, though.

  4. Whoops, totally didn't notice Kate's comment there. Well, I concur with Kate.

  5. @Kate - I need to purchase some ammonia... The idea of using newspaper is SOOO odd to me (I've heard of this before, both my mom and grandmom recommended this). I mean, it makes my hands dirty, why not my mirrors??

    @Mrs. Moose - Tried squeegee, doesn't work OR I do not possess the Mirror Cleaning Gene

    Staci FB'd me and suggested coffee filters! COFFEE FILTERS! I'm trying it out today! I'm actually kind of excited. Freak...

  6. I use hospital cloths. They are blue and can be smuggled from any surgical hospital. My mom gets them.If you dont know anyone in the med. field then a squiggie actually works for the shower if its a glass shower.After EVERY shower you squiggie away the water and voila! No more elbow grease required. I actually have used coffee filters before and they work. The best eva' is the foam glass cleaner with a squiggie. We have huge mirrors and it works miracles. No monkey climbing required.

  7. Staci wins the prize people - The coffee filters worked amazingly!!!


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