10 April 2009

The Miracle Baby

Chase had his next-to-last neurology appointment.

Oh yeah, I said it.


Three months ago, Chase had his regularly scheduled brain check with his Neurologist From The Gods and seeing as his head circumference was growing faster than the rest of his body (i.e.- 50% on height/weight and then 55%.... and then 75% ... and then 95% on his head....), we had a CT scan.

I didn't blog that, intentionally as we were finally thinking "this is it...."...

Fortunately, it came back with normal ventricles and we were soooo relieved.

But, that meant we had to come back in 3 months rather than 6 and to be totally honest, we were a bit scared. For once, Chase had begun to show signs of The Bad Things we were warned about over and over again.

All went well today, however, and Chase's story is all but unfinished - but a new chapter has begun.


We received the "dodged a bullet" speech.... AGAIN.

Let me place specific emphasis on the severity of this - Children with grade IV bleeds do not survive - as a matter of fact, the definition of a grade IV bleed is a "fatal bleed". When a baby has low grade IV or grade III, they can survive BUT 99.9999% of these babies have complications, surgeries and development delays. The nurses, who see hundreds and hundreds of children on a more regular basis than Chase always remember his story - 
        he's that baby, 

                  the one that shouldn't be here, 

      the one that fought the hardest fight and won, NOTHING short of an absolute miracle.

Did I mention ONE MORE APPOINTMENT and then we are, and I shall quote Brain Doctor,  "out of the woods"??

A FATAL BLEED??!! And NO problems? Sixteen months ago, I thought I was loosing my newborn son and left a hospital with nothing more than a piece of cloth and a broken spirit.

From this:

(sorry, I don't post intubation pictures for they crush me to pieces.)
To this:

God is wonderful and we are all so thankful for His grace. 
From mine to yours... Have a happy Easter.

(if you are new to my blog, and wish to read Chase's Story from the beginning, I'd start in the Decemeber 2007 archives and work your way through.)


  1. I'm so glad for you and Michael and Conner and Chase!

  2. What a special story! I am so glad things turned out for the best for you. Hurray for next-to-last appointments!

  3. Isn't God good! What a cutie pie...look at him grow! God still does miracles today! Have a happy Easter! He has risen!

  4. That is SUCH a GOD thing Amanda!! God is SO good! :o) My heart rejoices with you...I know how it feels to be told you're baby might not live and then just a short few lightyears later (that's what it felt like anyways!) they tell you she will be fine!! Such an AMAZING testimony! I can not wait for that day when Reagan looks at me and says, "Mommy, whats this scar on my neck and my belly from?" Oh man! I just pray that God will give me the right words to say to her to show her how truly MIGHTY and AMAZING MY GOD is! I will pray for you to seek such wisdom too when Chase asks you one day about his complications...that you will find the right words to say to give God the Glory, because He is the one who saved our babies! We both have precious miracles in our homes. Such a BLESSING!

  5. Oh Rachel - I KNOW! I've thought many, many times about how amazing it will be for Chase to be old enough to ask me about his scars on his hands, feet and *cough* upper thigh because those are his only outward signs of his hard-fought journey... To be able to tell your child that they've been through a life-threatening challenge and come out triumphant is really amazing. Putting it like that sounds a little morbid, but it is a lesson in itself - "My child, you can do ANYTHING... just look at what you've overcome so far!".

    God truly is amazing and Chase is living proof. I can only hope that anyone who hears Chase's full story understands that the only way he could have made it out alive was through God's plans for Chase. It is through HIM (and all the wonderful prayer we were surrounded with) that Chase is here and healthy. I hope He is glorified through Chase's story.

    (and oh man, LIGHTYEARS IS RIGHT!!! Love you girl!)

  6. I needed the pick me up of this story after the sadness in the mommy blogger world this past week. So glad that Chase is doing so well!!!

  7. That rocks!!! It soooo rocks. Wow, and wow, and wow. He's beautiful! Such good news. Oh, how I love some good news!

  8. congratulations guys! I am SO happy for your family. God is amazing.

  9. Chasity in the ham'15 April, 2009

    Thanks now I'm crying. He is such a cutie that you even forget about all of those old post about him having trouble. We as your readers see a healthy beautiful baby boy and we take for granted all of the distance he has come. Thanks for reminding us at such an appropriate time. God is amazing and I LOVE that he likes to show off his power to us all. {sigh} What an amazing smoochy cutie miracle.

  10. That sweet baby is irresistible. I think my ovaries twitched looking at his newborn picture. So glad y'all have been so blessed.

    Popping in from Conversion Diary.

  11. @ Nicole - Thanks for stopping by! I would HAVE to agree that Chase is adorable and just so you know - absolutely sweet - he makes my ovaries twitch too! Bad bad bad!!!


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