22 April 2009

Product Review and GIVEAWAY - EcoTOOLS

I had a bit of trepidation about reviewing a line of eco-conscious make-up brushes, for the most part, because I am very, very (did I mention very?) picky about what I put on (or even near...) my face. As a rule, I don't even allow my husband to TOUCH my face, as I grimace at the thought of his not-so-recently washed hands smudging their little germy selves all over my pores only for me to break out in Mt. Everest sized zits within a day...

Needless to say, make-up, cleansers and applicators must meet a strict regime of standards before coming within a foot of my face. 

I'm the girl that had acne in 4th grade, that still had it in college, and will almost certainly be the 30-something with both acne AND wrinkles. (Ok, WHO DID I TICK OFF!?!?)

So, when I was asked to review the EcoTOOLS line of beauty tools, I dipped my toes in the kiddie pool first. 

It arrived in a cute green box, not filled with unnecessary and wasteful packing, yet conservatively packaged in a 100% post-consumer box - I was already a bit smitten. 

(Side note: I just DON'T UNDERSTAND companies that use boxes the size of my head, followed by 4 gallons of plastic, surrounded by bubble wrap and then littered with 10,000 copies of your invoice.... for something the size of a Happy Meal Toy... WHY MUST YOU DO THAT, crazy companies??? Let's talk numbers here (forgetting the excessive waste and carbon footprints for a minute) and say that if you cut half of that... how much would you save? $$$Company vacation people$$$... COMPANY VACATION! ... ok, off the tangent train...sorry.)

The press-release for EcoTOOLS was printed on 100% post-consumer paper with soy based ink (SCORE!). I know I'm not techincally reviewing the company, but these people have their business straight. Earth-friendly through and through.

So, with all this hype about the packaging (or there lack of), what about the product itself, right?

I tried the EcoTOOLS Blush Brush, which is made of animal-free taklon bristles, with a bamboo handle and metallic ferrule (you know, the thing that holds the bristles to the handle...) made from recycled aluminum cans. I was skeptical of the bristles, could they beat out the soft sandpaper brush I currently use?

Quick fun fact: Do you know why bamboo is so earth-friendly? It has a low-impact on the earth's natural resources as it able to grow up to 4 feet a day! Too bad they can't find a use for kudzu...

Being OCD about my face, as I might have mentioned... I did what an responsible mother would - I yelled for Conner ... and he came pouncing down the hallway like a good little 3.75-year-old.

"Mommy is going to take this special brush and tickle your face. You tell me what it feels like, ok?" I explain.

"Otay... (I sweep his face)... *giggle*.. it's weelwey soft like baby biwd feadas!!"

Alrighty then, soft. Good. (but not from "baby bird feathers", my dear...)

I bit the bullet, dipped the EcoTOOLS blush brush into my favorite blush, tapped away the excess and applied it to my cheeks (from apple to hairline, in an upward motion, pleaseandthankyou). One sweep and I was floored. This little "green" brush was not only amazingly soft, but it is somehow contoured to minimize effort. Two sweeps on each side, and the job was done. 

that's a bit of blush, a sweep of bronzer with the same brush and mascara, not bad, eh?

My old brush was immediately gifted to aforementioned 3-year-old for his next watercolor adventure.

I was convinced this whole line would surely be pricey, right?

Um. Somehow... not. at. all!

The EcoTOOLS Blush Brush retail value is only $6.99! 

"Oh, well.. then I'm paying 10 bucks in shipping because it's not in any stores in my area..." you are thinking...


The EcoTOOLS line can be found at Wal-Mart, Kmart and Ulta (have I mentioned that I heart Ulta?)

Does it get any better? Well... YES! First, EcoTOOLS has joined with 1% For The Planet, an alliances of businesses that are committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. So, 1% of their annual sales is donated!

Better, you ask?

I am giving away (1) EcoTOOLS Foundation Brush to one lucky commenter (and it comes in a sturdy, reusable brush bag)! Additionally, in celebration of Earth Day, I will also include 2 other "earth friendly" goodies!!

Here's how the game works:
One comment = one entry
One tweet* = one entry
One blog link to this post = one entry
(Please Tweet and blog before commenting, and leave the URL's for each so I can verify, thanks!)**

*If you are new to Twitter, copy and paste this: RT @AGZaremba Earth Day giveaway ecoTOOLS foundation brush http://themomjob.net 
** That's 3 entries per person. I had to get a calulator too, that's some hard math.

On Monday, I will use some random generator via The Internets and choose a lucky, earth-loving commenter to receive this amazing Foundation Brush and other "green" goodies!


For more information on these amazing (and did I mention GREEN!) products or other beauty essentials, visit EcoTOOLS online.


  1. wish I would have known I could pay $6.99 for something I paid $35 for...haha THANKS! :o)
    My Blog: http://rdotbriggs.blogspot.com/



  2. How fun! I love make up products of all kinds.

    How do I leave the URL to my tweet? I'm sunsetcyc on twitter. Does that count?

  3. I just tweeted. I'm pretty sure you get my tweets, so I'm going to be lazy and not leave the link.

    You look so cute/pretty/gorgeous in that picture!

  4. I tweeted and posted on Facebook, does that count as 2??

    Twitter is @eclipsis1 and you know my facebook :)

  5. @Rachel - These brushes are better than the pricey ones, I am truly impressed with the quality!

    @Mrs. Moose - That counts! 2 entries!

    @Erin - Love your face for calling me cute/pretty/gorgeous!! I think it's the brushes and the lighting... BUT THANKS! 2 entries!

    @Kerry - totally counts = 3 entries!

    Good luck to all!

  6. You know how I like to see the UPS truck.

  7. Chasity :)22 April, 2009

    I would have been the first to comment at least. But, alas I NEVER win anything. Oh well. Maybe one day lady luck will shine upon me. {tiny violin playing sad song}
    LoL. Hope I win so I can pay it forward with a wicked awesome gift. Is my pathetic attempt at begging working?

  8. I think Kerry is cheating since she obviously knows you. I call shenanigans. Don't contest entries usually call for friends and family to not get on the list? Hmmm, sneaky.

    Anyway, here's my 3!


    and alabamadragon.livejournal.com

  9. I am so with you on the 'don't touch my face or I'll turn into a giant zit' thing, I too will be blessed at 30 with 'pizza face'.
    Brush sounds awesome, I'll look into it at WallyWorld.
    BTW- might you be useing bare minerals? swirl tap buff... lol

  10. Great eco-friendly giveaway!


  11. i tweeted: http://twitter.com/lilymo11

  12. @Staci - Thanks for emailing me your other 2 = 3 total!

    @Chasa - Who knows!! Maybe you'll win! I USED to be the person who never won giveaways, but then I won that random Box-o-Cheung!

    @Gwynne - Nope, friends can enter... seeing as the only people I ever actually SEE are my husband and my children. Plus, the last time I saw Kerry was Freshman year... and that was 7 years ago... so...

    However, family members are not allowed to enter.

    I consider almost ever person who comments on my blog a "friend"... so the definition gets tricky...

    Thanks for entering though!
    3 entries!

    @Bonnie - 1 entry! And no.... no bare minerals, I've heard it's messy. But, I would try it...

    @Nina - Thanks for entering. = 2 entries!

    @Lily - 2 entries! good luck!

  13. I dont't know where the closest Wal-Mart is and Target is far too. Weird though b/c I live in NY you'd think one would be like down the block.

    Twittwer: http://twitter.com/marmeade

    wishing myself some luck!!!

  14. well, apparently i won! yay! soooo what do i do now??


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