08 May 2009

7 Quick Takes: Edition #7

It's supposed to be Mother's Day this weekend, right? Then why in the BANANAS are my children and husband driving me crazy? I would like to propose that during the entire week prior to Mother's Day (and your birthday), that the following occur:
  •  All Sci-Fi channel "movies" and "shows" be suspended and replaced with Disney movies that play on repeat without commercials. (Husband available to clean, children occupied... check check)
  • Only ONE lunch and ONE dinner will be cooked, no short orders allowed. If anyone becomes hungry in between those times, the pantry is in the kitchen. Eat whatever.
  • Allotment of one hour each night for bubble bathing/eyebrow plucking/toenail painting or just... blogging from the bathroom without interruption.
  • At no time shall any of these statements be uttered: "MOMMA!" "Will you _____?" "Are there any clean towels?" "Should I do the dishes?" (seriously, DO YOU HAVE TO ASK?) and "WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

I fought a monsoon yesterday and to shorten the story I will copy and paste my Facebook status from the situation:
Amanda got up, woke sleeping children, tried to drive Con to school, pulled over twice due to no visibility, shin deep in the parking lot, dropped Con off, turned around to get Con once it was noted that the atrium was flooding from the baptismal, dragged Con and Chase back to car with water up to Con's knees, drove home in 10 inches of water... and is now trying to dry all of our clothes, shoes and bodies. Lesson learned? Stay in bed...
Sadly, a few people died from the freak flash flood, several injured and lots of damage.

Conner and Michael say the Lord's Prayer every night (I am usually putting Chase down during this time). Last night, I just so happened to partake, and it was heartmeltingly adorable. Michael would say 4 words at a time, and Conner would repeat. 
M: "Our Father..."
C: "Hour Fadda..."

M: "who art in heaven"
C: "who aren't in heben"

M: "hallowed be thy name"
C: "how would be dy name"
My favorite:
M: "but deliver us from evil"
C: "but liver us from ebels"
M: "for thine is the kingdom"
C: "for hind is da dingdome"

Have I mentioned how well Chase is sleeping through the night? I really don't want to jinx this, but now I nurse him for about 2 minutes, put him in his crib and JUST LEAVE. That's it. I don't hear from him until almost 8 AM!

Want to know a secret? Publix glazed doughnuts are a million times better than Krispy Kreme AND cheaper.
And no one is paying me to say that.

You guys remember the package Maggie sent me, right?

Well, in it she included some Ramen... but PEOPLE! It was NOT THE NORMAL RAMEN. I am literally salivating just writing this. It was oniony and asiany and unbelievably awesome. Best part? I can't find it anywhere.

So, Maggie helped and found something similar (Tung I is the brand) on Amazon and I'm going to try that. If it's not comparable? I'm having someone in Seattle send me a box of Ramen and I don't care how much it costs.

My Ramen is now dead to me.

Speaking of Maggie's Box-O-Cheung, I'm thinking about (finally) doing my giveaway of a Box-O-Amanda next week. Random stuff from my house sounds fun, right? Right.

Oh, and what's a 7 Quick Takes without a picture, here you go:

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  1. You are hilarious. But it's true. Once you have Real Chinese Father-In-Law Approved Ramen you can't go back.

  2. I learned the REAL ASIAN (sorry for grouping so many very, very different cultures into one category...) lesson when my stir-fry was not turning out very well...

    That was my first trip to Asian Grocery stores... and man did it make my stir-fry A THOUSAND TIMES MORE YUMMY! Oh, and then a got a wok...

    I need for a sister/brother/some one in this darn family to marry a good Chinese person (WHO CAN COOK!). Is that so much to ask?

  3. http://theextraordinaryordinary.blogspot.com/2009/02/baby-socks.html



    Here you go, lady. Two links to posts where I ramble on about the decision to have a third baby :)

    Also, maybe you know this, but you can add your email to your blogger profile. then when you comment I can reply in email form to your comment. Then you can also have your comments on your blog come to your email. If I'm confusing you, let me know :) That way I would respond in an email rather than leaving you a random comment with links in it :)

    Now for me to respond to your post! - That Lord's Prayer thing is so stinking cute and funny and sweet and lovely.

    And I totally agree about Mother's Week. :)


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