15 May 2009

7 Quick Takes: Edition #8 **Updated on #2

With one full day's warning, I managed to purchase a snack to contribute, acquire the teacher's present (and no, it wasn't a gift card to the liquor store...), find both bathing suits, pack their bags and not DIE from a certain monthly visit.

Here are the results (minus his classmates' adorable little faces) **(Oh, and HAAHAAAAA @ Bonnie who commented to say that she, at first, thought those were face masks a-la Swine Flu! That cracks me up to NO END! Mental image: Kids running through sprinklers, chasing each other with water guns, laughs and giggles all around ... only stopping for quick juice box breaks, pulling down their Swine Flu masks - ahhhhh, the Summer Memories...) (but then, notice Conner not wearing a mask, yup... that'd be me... "Yeah, my mommy was too busy watching House to get me a mask... But she tells me she LOOOVES me and to eat ALL my bacon....") ...um, picture....NOW:

So. Um. Yeah. 

School's over (for a month, until he starts VBS/Summer School), which is only 7 weeks. I signed him up for two reasons: 1) MY SANITY and 2) He had just become accustomed to the routine of it all and I felt he might not only miss it, but benefit from seeing some of his friends on a regular basis. That way, I think we might avoid some of the inevitable craziness and bad behavior once Fall school starts back.

Chase woke early yesterday morning. 

Without glasses, I couldn't really see him, but I did notice the floor in front of the crib was damp. I turned off his fan, and reached down to pick him up, only to realize I was holding a baby who was naked from the waist down. It's then that I realized Chase had disrobed himself and found sport on peeing through the bars of the crib.

Fun. Times.

Naturally, I was expecting to sleep a little later than, um... too early, this morning until Chase starting stirring at 6:00. 

I made the executive decision to let him wallow in his crib till AT LEAST 7. BUT THEN?

THEN, a neighbor started to MOW HIS GRASS at about 6:50 A-FUDGING-M. 

Are you JOKING????!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! 

We live in what I call "larger than Garden Homes", we have nice sized houses but on small lots (yay! less grass to cut!), so two houses down is like... um... RIGHT IN MY EAR WHEN YOU ARE MOWING YOUR LAWN AT ANY HOUR BEFORE 8! 

Noteworthy: These are same neighbors who wrote us a not-kind-but-not-unkind note last year about how our dogs occasionally BARK at BIRDS (and leaves, and the wind, and nothing) when we let them out to PEE and RUN (Lord forbid!). We monitor our dogs' outdoor time, and ALWAYS let them in if we feel they are barking excessively (like, more than 1 minute!). Not to mention the fact that we only let them out from 8-10 (during which time they nap in the sun...), then sometime around lunch, and then they come in till dinner and then back out for a quick pee at bedtime! I mean, what the chicken? Every other neighbor has a dog (that BARKS because DOGS BARK), so seriously?

So, when Michael approached these fine neighbors (last year) about their note, he calmly asked for any suggestions, to which the man neighbor replied "Well, I'd just go get a shock collar for both of them..." WHAT? You want me to, in cruel fashion, SHOCK my INDOOR dogs for barking while they ACT LIKE DOGS? Right dude. Keep dreaming...

Maybe I'll write HIM a note about how people who aren't one foot in the grave are SLEEPING at 6 in the morning. And when he asks if I have any suggestions, I'll recommend a shock collar for when he feels the urge to mow so early....

I was so incredibly exhausted yesterday that I let my children have Vanilla Wafers and Mott's Natural Fruit Snacks for two meals. 


Sue me.

In case you haven't read my "maybe, baby posts", I'd suggest starting here , and then there are 3(?) other posts on the same topic... I have one follow-up post for this weekend. Woot!

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  1. Sorry Amanda, not a fan of the 7/8/whatever takes... too much to comment on! First off, I am an idiot, the class pic took me a sec, I thought they all had on swine flu masks!!! ROFLMAO! I won't detail my thoughts on that. Dog/Bark neighbor? I'm a Butt and as such I would invest in more/louder dogs. Or politely suggest he invest in ear plugs. Can't wait to hear what you decide on baby news!

  2. At least the fruit snacks were natural...and vanilla wafers count as whole grain, right? Add some sunshine for vitamin D and you're golden.

    Thanks for the fun quick takes!

  3. Anonymous15 May, 2009

    First, you have a VBS that last 7 weeks????? How long does it take to teach kids some Bible verses and make some popsicle stick crosses??? Second, you think a neighbor mowing at 6AM is bad, how about people you PAY arriving at your house at 6AM to cut the grass. Yeah that only happened once. Third, Adlay has eaten Shells and Cheese for 3 lunch for the last 3 days. Only thing the kid will eat and I am tired of fighting her. Fourth, A NUMBER ONE REASON DONYA COULD NEVER HAVE BOYS, ANYONE WHO CAN WRITE THEIR NAME IN PEE FREAKS ME OUT!!!

  4. Caroline has been lunching on Easy Mac for a week. I would so leave my dogs out longer if my neighbor suggested the shock collar thing.

    Have a great day!

    (formerly Mrs. Moose)

  5. @ This Heavenly Life - Ha! Thanks for making me feel better! And yes, those fruits snacks are made from 100% fruit juice! Score? Yes, SCORE!

    (Oh, and I noticed you commented on my first "maybe, baby" post, make sure to read the ones that follow!)

    @Donya - No, VBS doesn't last that long. It's a combo VBS and Summer Mother's Morning Out/Summer School. He really needs to keep up his interaction with other children, so I'm game.

    @Fuss's Mom (sneaky girl... *smile*) - I have FULL intentions of leaving my dogs out MORE than necessary... Suddenly, I feel as if my dogs would enjoy a 6 AM potty break. Of course, they might ALSO enjoy a 11 PM potty break... *wink*

    Like I said - WAR!

    (and the thing is - with our current hours of dog letting-outing, we are not in violation of our neighbor ordinances BUT cutting their grass before 8 IS. I could totally turn them in....)


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