24 May 2009

7 Quick Takes: It's Actually Sunday.... Edition

Yeah... so... it's not very nice of me to post a Quick Takes on Sunday, when it's technically supposed to be a Friday thing, BUT... I had GOOD REASON. On Thursday, some amazing friends of ours visited our house for an entire 48 hours with their 3 small (and adorable!) children. So, I've been busy having tons of fun (and recovering), and am just getting around to blogging. Sorry!

Did I mention we had an amazing time? Yes, yes we did. Here's movie night minus Baby Lennon: 

Now, we are in Operation: Have  a Holiday weekend, which is going nicely... REST!

Do you know that I haven't blogged in like 4 or 5 days and that every day that I didn't blog, I thought about blogging or the lack of blogging? Do you know how much it bothered me that I didn't have new content on here? Is it sad that I felt BAD for people that came here and were all "dang, Amanda... where are you and what are you doing that is more important than feeding my blogging addiction/habit?" OR that you were thinking "ge'ez... she plugs away at this blogging thing 24/7, is she dead because otherwise, this is waaaay over rated..."

My sister-in-law's boyfriend and I are sitting here, in the family room, right this second debating.... Apple vs. PC. I am a long time Mac supporter - it runs better, it isn't exposed to viruses and malware like PCs (due to it's layered system), the graphics kick PCs rear-ends... etc etc.. and his argument? That PC people must know how to use a computer, that it requires more THINKING to USE the computer... 

I say that a computer is a tool, and that no tool should need fixing - that negates the purpose of the tool if it needs to be fixed. A computer should be easy to use and run without having to "defrag this" and "update software that" or "DEAR SWEET JESUS WHY DO I NEED TO UPDATE MY VIRUS PROTECTION AGAIN?"

I currently use an HP (PC, obviously), but own an older Mac latop and sometimes? I get so fed up with all the "allow this?" and "DAMNIT WHY ISN"T THIS WORKING thats" that I fire up that 5-year-old thing and computer away.... It's just SO FRUSTRATING (thanks mom for the free computer!!!).
I digress.

I signed up for Wyzant.com which places qualified tutors' "profiles" on a site and allows those who need tutoring services to find the best match. I joined the site because A) I'd like extra cash and B) I've seen other similar tutoring sites before, but this is the first that actually tested me on the subject(s) I expressed interest in tutoring in. (Well done, Wyzant). I received my first tutor request this weekend, and surprisingly... I'm nervous. I need the money though... so...

I have about... err... (checking....) 3 drafts that need publishing... So this is me finishing my waaaay late quick takes and promising better content this week. 

Have a wonderful (and safe) Memorial Day!

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  1. Finally! lol glad your still among the living!

  2. 1. Missed your updates of late, but hope you had/are having fun!

    2. Love that bed - is that the boys' room? Very cool.

    3. Glad you are enjoying your weekend.

    5. Mac here, married to a PC geek and lost my Mac when I lost my job when the baby was born. Sigh. I miss it. Macs=far superior

  3. Once you go Mac, you never go back...

    This is now my lifelong mantra.

    My husband, too, is a PC geek (like nothing he develops is for Macs, so PCs ARE our livelihood, but I digress...) but he is very impressed with our MacBook.
    I hope to upgrade this one (less than a year old) in a year or two so that I can pass this one on to my son (for homeschooling).


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