29 May 2009

7 Quick Takes: New Couch, Sick Baby and Prayer Edition

 When we foolishly purchased too much new furniture for our new house in Montgomery, Michael got suckered persuaded by the Nice Furniture Sales Lady to also purchase a 5-year "no questions" warranty on our entire order. It cost us a pretty penny, and I was weary of it. 

Hooooowwwwever, the living room table was replaced a week after we moved in (weird holes on the top and sides).

Our couch is a HUGE leather sectional that was purchased without really knowing what our finished living room would even look like (the house was still under construction). I liked the couch in the store, and the idea of the couch in our home because it has lots of sitting space for guests. Then, the couch arrived and Michael and I realized that it made our big living room look less-than-big AND it wasn't comfy. Who wants to nap away on a cold leather couch? Not I.

Fortunately, the couch was "diseased". It started peeling, shedding... like you would after a bad sun burn. I would routinely clean it with a damp sponge just to remove The Toddler, The Baby and The Dogs off of it, and each time it's "skin" would come off... 

So, we called. And to make a Quick Takes quick, they gave us in-store credit.

NOW! I get to pick out a new couch (something smaller, yet deeper so we can nap on it...), a chair and maybe a side table w/ lamp. SCORE.

I'm a little overwhelmed though... because....

(I am so clever) (not)

See... Our house was painted with builder's paint - if you attempt to "clean" builder's paint with a sponge or magic eraser, you will soon find that drywall is not the same color as your surrounding walls.

The colors were chosen by a hormonal mother who was overly tired and who was totally DONE with chasing a 2-year-old around a design center. In short - it's a darker green than I had imagined AND we have dark floors. The existing sectional is white, but leather so I could clean it. 

Problem: If I buy a dark sofa, the room will look very washed out (and DARK). If I buy a light-colored couch, it won't be light in color for long... TWO KIDS! DOGS! MICHAEL! CHOCOLATE MILK AND BOOGERS = MESS!


My proposed solution: PAINT THE HOUSE. I've been wanting to do this since I was preggo with Chase. Michael was on board for about 3 seconds before he backed down. He, however, is not the one who repaints the walls every 2-3 months from 4-feet high on down. 

So.. if I paint a lighter color... say...

"Hollingsworth green" (in something other than "flat" so I could scrub it)? (Swoooon.) (Source: Benjamin Moore and Note: NOT my living room... I chose this "template" because the floors are darkish but still not as dark as mine.) .....I could just wipe off the boogers. And furniture could be dark? WIN!

Now... someone tell Michael.


See that back room? That's the color my living room is now, only my living room green has a little more grey to it, so it isn't as sharp of a green (and honestly, my living room looks more like "camo green"... bleck). But that front room? oooohhhhhh...it's Benjamin Moore's "Hazy Skies"... GOR-GER-MOUS.
Moving on.

After much "discussion", Conner is staying away on his vacation tonight and coming home tomorrow. I miss him and will post again about the last day and a half without him.

Chase is doing better. The shot has given him very consistent bad diapers, so I am worried about his hydration levels. I gave him 5 ml of Imodium at 10 AM after having changed his 10th blow out diaper... an hour later, I found this:

poor baby

This just in: Apple is going to reimburse the nearly 40 bucks worth of iPhone apps that Conner somehow purchased even though it requires a password (and no, he doesn't know it) and I didn't put said password in. Sweet.

However, the customer service rep added this to her lovely email:
Please make sure that you keep your iPhone on safe location to prevent accidental charges. That way, you can review your selections carefully and buy them when you're ready. In the meantime, I strongly recommend you change your account password immediately. 

Hahahaha. My current location isn't good enough AND she think my 3-year-old has memorized my password (I stated in the dispute that he couldn't possibly know it [I even asked him to show me] AND that I've previously noticed that I can input the wrong password and it'll still authorize downloads).

Do you talk to God in your head? 

I always do, but I also pray to God in my head. Are there rules to this that I am unaware of? I just feel comfortable talking to God in my head, and I don't know if it "counts" as prayer. 

I guess I'm looking for opinions, advice or God's 1-800 number.

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  1. I can't believe he purchased so many apps on your phone! But I am glad iTunes was (somewhat) nice about it.

    I hope your baby starts feeling better very soon.

    And yeah, I talk to God a lot (in addition to praying). I think if we are humble and sincere, He will hear every prayer and thought that is directed toward Him.

  2. I always wonder about the talking to God stuff too. Like, does it need to be a formal prayer to count as one? Or are simple thoughts directed heavenward counted too? Surely he can hear every thought I have anyway, so why is prayer the be-all?

    In the end, I think, why am I being lazy about this, just pray!

  3. I love both wall colors - if you decide to go w/ colored furniture (not neutral) go w/ the more neutral paint, but if you like neutral colored furniture, go w/ the green. Good luck!

    Such a cute picture of Chase. Poor thing.

    I talk to God in my head all the time. I know He can hear our thoughts, so I sort of count it as an informal prayer and I think he's probably okay with that, though I don't have chapter and verse for that belief. I figure He wants all communication from us, though.

  4. Paul said "pray without ceasing". [1 Thessalonians 5:17 --> yes, I looked it up :-)] And prayer is "talking to God". So I say, yes, when you "talk to God in your head", that is most definitely praying! And I think it's even more personal when you have informal conversations with God. You don't talk to your friends like this: "Dear Friend, Thank you for everything you do for me. Please help me with this problem. Amen." :-) Keep it up - He's listening. :-)

  5. I agree with Lerra about praying. It truly is how to pray without ceasing!

    Sofa - I got one covered in an upgraded microfiber that has a rubber backing on it: translation - nothing sinks into this baby! Juice, milk, vomit, nothing! And the microfiber is easy clean, too, without being treated!


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