13 May 2009

Amanda Fails At Being One of THOSE Moms, Edition: REALLY BIG NUMBER

I could kid myself and say it would have been an emotional day filled with special pancakes and extra care in the shirt-picking-out arena. But, that could be a partial lie.

Ok, I would have still made him pancakes, but it would be the same pancakes I make every school morning - the kind out the freezer section and done under a minute. However, I would have picked a shirt that didn't already show the wear-and-tear of the Preschool Life, permanently marked with the badge of all that is 3-year-old Kindergarten better known as purple grape juice. 

I am proud to say that without prior notice that today would be Conner's last day of school, I did wash his hair in the sink before school, although he protested every single second. I am a little less proud to say that the quick wash wasn't for Last Day of School Pomp but more because it  looked as if he'd slept in a batch of french fries.

So yes. Today was Conner's last day of Pre3s. No, I didn't know until I went to pick him up and each child came out with a personalized sand bucket, obligatory laminated hand print art and the letter of the day... "Z" (which meant !THE E    ND!). 

"See you on Thursday at the party!" says Mrs. Conner's Teacher.

"Ah. Oh! What?" I reply in my most dumbfounded tone.

She directs me to The Room Mom, who then informs me that the party would be at her house, to bring a bathing suit and that they'd have a slip-n-slide.

Which means ONE thing: FAIL!

No end of the year gift. No special breakfast. No extra time to pick out an unstained shirt. No "aww.. honey! Today's your LAST day!". No, I just threw him in class, blew some kisses, and went home to... umm.. do laundry? No, you guys don't believe me (for good reason...).

No special cupcakes delivered or perfectly inspired and coordinated gifts for his classmates, just me and a dumb look.

We didn't get the month's calendar because we were on vacation and then flooded out last week.

My fault? Eh. I mean... not totally.

But, should I have known? Well, I knew it was coming (I do know my month's of the year, and I've noticed an influx in young people being out during the daytime...)

To say I'm bad at these kinds of things would be the understatement of the year. I don't get parties and their rules or gifts and their rules. To me, it's just like I feel we should all come together once a year and swap money with each other. In the end, that's what we are doing, right?

I can bring the 4th batch of cupcakes to this party. Who needs another batch of  cupcakes? I am, for the record, going to call Room Mom and ask if she needs anything, because seriously, she's amazing. But, I feel like I missed something.

Maybe I missed out of the ritual of it all - the extra special "It's your LAST day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Conner's Teacher BABY!". I mean, don't I owe Conner that? Totally.

But the rest of this stuff? The goodie bags and 12 dozen individually decorated cupcakes? It's just not something I get.

The teacher gift I understand. She put up with Crap-a-la Conner for 10 months. Does the Liquor Store sell gift cards? Surely, that's an appropriate gift (and if not appropriate, certainly warranted). 

For those of you who are good at this stuff, kudos. Not. Me.


That's good enough, right?


  1. I'm terrible at marking the moment events, too. He's awfully cute, though. Great picture!

  2. Thanks, your mishap might save me mine, if I remember this in 2 yrs... lol


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