27 May 2009

Day One And I'm Thankful

So, Day One isn't exactly how I had this whole Vacay For Sanity planned out, but the lesson in that is clear: NOTHING in life (especially with The Mom Job) is on your schedule.

Chase has run a mild fever for over a week now as all 4 of his 1-year molars are coming through. He's been generally cranky.

Then, Monday night post-bath - Chase is in pain and it's more than obvious. He is more than hot to the touch. Luckily, I am with the in-laws which happens to contain a doctor. Dr-in-law, as I refer to him, quickly calls in an antibiotic, Michael and him go to the 24-hour CVS and get a thermometer, MORE ibuprofen (we should buy stock) and the Rx.

And... we wait. The next day, I am expecting a child with less fever (say.. oh... I don't know.. my expectations were for it to be less than.. say... 103.6!). Instead, I have a child who will NOT let go of me, is curled over in pain, won't eat, won't drink, and is fighting his meds. The day's plans (which were going to be AWESOMMMMMEEE) were quickly trashed and there I am, holding Chase wondering if I really could scramble an egg on his chest...

Next dose of antibiotics comes and goes... we get back to Montgomery without Conner and the evening is a breeze aside from putting my house back together.

I put Chase in bed, blog and turn out the lights.

I can't sleep and it's then that I realize it's not because Michael is snoring... that noise keeping me from La-La Land is none other than Chase, moaning in pain.

Fever - 104
Fever - 103
Fever - 104

It's 7 AM and he's BURNING through Tylenol and Ibuprofen. While in a luke warm (mostly cold) bath, his auxiliary temp reads 102.9. In the NICU, I learned that auxiliary (under the arm or forehead) temps need a degree added to them. So, we are talking about a child who is not breaking a 104 fever WHILE medicated AND SITTING in the cool bath.

Dehydrated, delirious and completely limp, we haul him the the pediatrician.

Chest x-rays, blood work, throat swab - white cell count is double what it should be. He's dehydrated, but we decide that if he'll nurse (that's right - BREASTFEEDING an almost 18-month-old. SHOCK AND AWE), that would save us a hospital trip. He nurses, his temp falls to 102, and we wait.

(So SEE, my not having him totally weaned SAVED HIM A HOSPITAL TRIP. Eat THAT. (note: he was down to ONE TINY feeding until Monday... darn it.) )

Strep - positive, BUT he's been on antibiotics for 36-hours. He shouldn't be testing positive for Strep unless this is a very aggressive strand. He gets an antibiotic shot (BIG SHOT, sheesh) and a chocolate milkshake (not from the Peds office, silly... though... there's  a  marketing avenue you should ponder, McDonald's....).

Currently, Chase is sleeping/resting/moaning in his crib for nap.


I am thankful that GOD PLANNED this vacation for Conner. He's away from "the sick", didn't have to be dragged through the doctor's office and almost the hospital. He's having fun with his Nanna at Toys-R-Us (save me) and I miss him.

Had he of been here, I'd be ready to yank out my ovaries through my throat and pour vodka in my eyeballs. I would be fighting him to be quiet because his sick brother would be trying to rest. I would be BEGGING for a nap for myself, and feeling guilty for trapping Conner in the house when his blood yearns for RUNNING.

So, half a day down... and I feel confident that this plan was best - even though it clearly wasn't mine.


  1. bless his heart! Feel better baby!
    BTW: no crap with the teething, Kylie is cutting 5(!) and one of them is a 1 yr molar... she's mean! I hope it's better to get it over with in one cranky swoop!

  2. me again27 May, 2009

    oh, and Kudos for 18 months! I wish!

  3. Bless his heart! I understand, though. When my older son was 18 months (what is it with that age?) he all of a sudden spiked a temp of 105.1!!! We went immediately to the pediatrician where they did a white cell count. It was over 24,000 (should be b/t 8000 - 12,000, I think) so they gave him a shot of Rocephin and wanted us back the next day (talk of spinal taps and scary stuff). Thank God that when we arrived the next day, they took blood, gave him another shot of (we call it) Vitamin "R", and his counts came back at 10,000! WOOHOO!

    The same scenario then happened to two other friends' kids within 6 months or so of Andrew's incident. It was weird and they never could figure out why!

    I'm not sure there's much scarier than a sick child!

    *hugs* and low temps to both of you!

  4. Poor baby and poor you! It's awful when the kid is sick.
    I'm actually pretty impressed that you are still BFing, even if it is/was very minimal. And it's good that you had those extra antibodies to give him.
    So jealous that you have a Dr in the family. We have a pediatrician cousin, but he's in another state so it doesn't do us any good.

    Hope Chase feels better soon.

  5. @Bonnie - Thanks! He's doing better today and what is WITH kids cutting groups of teeth together? I guess it's better than a constant train of teething...

    @Blondie - Yup, the Rocephin shot... Chase's white count was 22,000 (i believe). Chase had a spinal tap while in the NICU (all babies are required to have one if they've seized, which is STUPID protocol because a baby with a brain bleed who has a spinal tap risks his brain dropping into the back of his skull, thus causing him to become a vegetable... GREAT PROTOCOL PEOPLE... I Digress).

    @Mama Fuss - It has it's perks, but he is in general medicine and not peds, so he has to consult a lot of times with a peds doctor in his practice.. so... sometimes it works out wonderfully (like the other night), sometimes it helps but we still have to see a pediatrician (like Tuesday), and then sometimes he can't do anything at all... It would be more helpful if we didn't live two hours away from him also...

  6. Glad to hear his high fever dropped. I know that is no fun. It always seems to happen when you stuff planned. Almost all of our trips to the ER has been on a holiday.

  7. We had a similar scare with our 12 month old last week. I could not get her 104 degree fever to break for the life of me. I took her to the ER in the middle of the night. Of course, by the time we got there her fever was down to 101 so they looked at me like I was a crazy mother. ;) They gave her a nasal flush to check for swine flu which led to a massive nose bleed and a seriously upset little girl. They missed a double ear infection somehow. The pediatrician caught it the next day. It's going to take a lot to get me to bring my little ones back to the ER next time. I'm a little bit bitter right now. I'll get over it soon, I'm sure. ;)

    I hope you all are feeling better!


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