28 May 2009

Things I've Learned Thus Far


 This house is crazy quiet without my little monster man, Conner. Aside from Chase's occasional babble, which goes something like "Ida badada doooh" and "Ma ma dadada bbaaaaa ucgh"... and my random "discussions" with him, during the day it is very quiet. 

I understand now how Conner achieved his physical developmental milestones (like walking at 10 months) waaay before his social ones. I did talk to Conner, but between 8 AM and 5 PM  (sometimes 6, stupid 280 traffic THAT I WOLD PAY TO BE IN...) he never really heard two ends of a conversation. Granted, what Chase hears between Conner and I hardly constitutes mind-tingling and liberating discussions, but it is a truckload more than Conner experienced at Chase's age.

Chase was "late" (or rather, on time and not early) with most of his physical developments, like walking and crawling (crawling was way late). Conner was late with his social developments such as speech (almost 2) and, um, not running away from people he didn't live with.


Either way, this house is at least 30 decibels below average even with Chase's "BAAANG BANNG BAAAAAAAAAAAAANG" and endless "Tank you"s, "Byeee Bye"s, and "CHEEESE"s.

I mean, any house is a little quieter without this guy around:

One Child.... Pffft

My mother always said "you aren't a parent till you've had two children". I know, many of you singleton mother's want to put a bullet in my blog right now and share about 1.2 trillion stories of how it IS hard and that's because it is. I rolled my eyes every time she said it B.C. (before Chase). It's her saying, go ahead and give her hell in my comments section - she reads them...

But, mom has a point. This one baby thing? BAH-reeeezzzee. Even with that "single" child being sick it's a BAH-reeeeezzzee. He gets lots of attention and no one is trying to kill anyone. I can keep a better eye on him, so his "death by plastic bag suffocation" and "death by metal object in light socket" and "death by drinking an entire bottle of baby soap" have all dropped DRAMATICALLY.

Chase gets fed when he's hungry. Imagine that.

He doesn't get woken from his naps by yelps of "MOMMA! I WANT ICE CREAM!" and "BUT I DON'T WANNNNNA TAKA NAPPPP".

I have ONE child to load into the car. Hum. How'd we get to our destination 10 minutes early? Weird.

ONE child to unload, it's amazing how he fits into the buggy at the grocery store and pharmacy and then I have ALL THIS SPACE in my buggy for... oh... THE ITEMS I AM THERE TO PURCHASE.

Mind-blowing stuff here people.

My Free Time

I peed by myself people. Thrice. 

Oh, and you guys are reaping the "benefits", too. See all these blog posts? Thank me later. :)

Yet, I'm kinda bored...

But right now, I refuse to file that under "bad".
Oh, and my house is clean.

Miss you sweetheart. Try not to pee on Nanna's couch again, mkay?


  1. haha! SO TRUE! About the one child thing. When I had Lillian (#3) I chuckled when I heard moms complain about their one. But I was there one time too!!! So I can't say too much! These days for me, I just tell my husband to "pick one" to take with him on errarnds. Because: #1 taking one is easy - especially when they're 4 or 6 years old AND #2 just taking one out of the mix makes things easier for me!!! It's a win-win situation!

  2. Anonymous28 May, 2009

    I would agree to a point, and that point being having one is easy unless your one thinks she is the next Nastia Liukin and our couch is an Olympic balance beam, which she MUST master at all cost. The cost most of the time being a nasty fall off said couch, busted lip or nose, goose egg on the forehead and rug burn on her arms. So yea.....

  3. Okay, so are you TRYING to talk me out of having another baby? My husband is going to make me stop reading your blog.
    I want another baby, but I don't want it to be harder. Can I get a nanny or is that cheating? :)

  4. You are so right. When its just me and one kid (usually the other one is napping or outside) we get to spend so much more time together. Or when one kid is sick so one goes to school and one doesn't...its amazing how much easier a trip to the store is. But my one kid still wants to know why the other one doesn't get to go when we leave one at school and take the other to the doctor.


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