19 May 2009

Who Wants Amanda To Stop Blogging About Babies That Have Yet to Be Conceived?

After this post, Mrs. Moose (who has been very spot-on with all her comments baby-related lately) had this to say: 
I don't think it's selfish to want another. You're not taking anything away from anyone by having a baby - but at the same time it's not selfish to not have more kids either. I think it needs to be a personal choice and each person if different. I have a friend who says it's selfish to limit the size of your family, but I disagree. She has 5 kids, and I think I would have to be committed if I had 5 kids. I'm not wired that way. But she is and it works for her. 
I think you (the general you) need to step back and examine your desire for another baby or not. Do you just want that newborn baby months and then when he/she becomes a toddler, you'd rather give them away?:) It's probably a good idea to skip the next kid. Do you desperately want another little one running around because your family isn't complete? Maybe it's time for another one. 

Several parts of her comment hit home.

First, the woman Mrs. Moose mentions with 5 kids. Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary (who has  2 boys herself, and several "maybe baby" posts as well) commented on the same post saying that if we agree that 3 is fine with us to try (or stop NOT trying NOT to...). If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't then it doesn't.

 I'd like to say we could do that, but with our track record, we'd be pregnant yesterday. (Please don't hate me if you are one who has or has had a difficult time conceiving. You'll never know how much my heart aches for you. I've even considered gestational surrogacy before, and haven't ruled it out, but for now I need to cement my family... mom stop googling "gestational surrogacy" and leave it at that, k?)

So, not "not trying" won't work, we will end up pregnant. Period.

The second part that hit home with Mrs. Moose's post, the part that REALLY struck a chord was when she talks about WHY we'd want another wee-one. Would it be just to have a baby in the house? I'm making sure to ponder that one long and hard. See, Chase is at a really fun age in Babyhood venturing towards ToddlerLand at full speed. Conner, well, he's amazing, but let us be brutually honest here - he's almost 4 and he's BOY. He's also on my last nerve about 75% (scratch that, 89%) of the day lately. I know SOME of it is his age, some his gender, but the rest? It's just him. He's loud, he is very, very active, he's needy (ok, in a positive term - he is very emotional and must have attention). Needless to say, he is NOT independent and craves any attention - negative OR positive.

Now, all babies grow up, and I'm certain at some point all children make their mother's wish they'd take a 6 hour nap in their rooms while momma hits the booze cabinet. 

BUT, there ARE ALL the AMAZING times I have with both my children, Conner so very included in that. I get to see the world through his eyes. I'm also positive that we have so many things to do and memories to make that only come with our children growing up.

The question Mrs. Moose asks is: "Is your family complete?" - that's what I am pondering now. I look at my two boys and sometimes I think yes. They are starting to play together (although sometimes rough = BOYS!). Conner loves his baby brother and Chase (when not being tackled or kicked) adores Conner. They are quite the pair. Michael and I have the ability to each take one. We aren't outnumbered, and sometimes, parenting is all about the numbers. 

And does there seem to be this clear line with the numbers game? Through all these posts and comments, I've realized that there appears to be a very clear divide: those who only want 1 or 2 AND THAT IS IT and then those who are ok with more than 2. There's really no middle. Only 2 or more than 2. Pick a side. Line in the sand.

Many of you pointed out the obvious - you have time on your side. So... I think this will be my last "maybe baby" post for a bit. I can not thank ALL of you enough for your thoughtful insights, encouragements and personal stories. It really has been a lot to think about and you've done nothing but help our family sort through things. I love you all... or as Funny Amanda would say: I totally heart your faces....


  1. That's how fast we get pregnant too. We think baby and POW! BABY! It's pretty crazy.

    I respect that you give this so much thought. Many people just jump in before they REALLY know what their heart desire is. So kudos.

    I'll look forward to hearing news of baby number three! HA!

  2. Girl, just pray about it. You guys will know what to do. I think the fact that you are even thinking about it so seriously is your answer.

  3. Or maybe the question includes this little ditty: will you look back in 20 years and wish you had had another child?

    I agree with Lauren W, the fact that it's on your mind so much and is such a question mark, that's pretty telling.

  4. Glad I could help. :)

    Mr. Moose and I have this discussion regularly. Especially when I talk about going off the pill permanently. :)

    Sounds like you're in a good place mentally while you continue to ponder.

  5. GOSH! I just love ALL of you!

  6. Bonnie- with much love19 May, 2009

    OH Baby Blog! Must Comment!
    While I despise you for your ability to conceive quickly (and Keep said conception), yes I"m one of 'those' lol, and while I don't comprehend the 'other' side in the sand... I lovingly have to add this- if it's not in God's plans for you- your past record will mean little. We like to think we can decide, but I believe it's ultimately up to Him. Just ask my B.C.pill baby- mommas.. lol. Not that I'm saying 'screw it, it's not up to you'. I only mean that He will aid you in your decision to work in your best interest.
    but on a side note, I'll let you conceive and carry my next 4- I'm just a call away! haha- kinda.

  7. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting/thinking about another baby. Seriously!

    My son is only six months old, and I keep thinking about the next one. Oh goodness... we can't afford that. I'd better stop :)

  8. My mom was like you in the conceiving department. I was born in June 1970, my sister in April 1971 (8 weeks early), and my brother in December of 1973. Whew. My uterus and vajayjay ache just thinking about it! She has no comprehension that some of us (me) cannot get pregnant as easily! (I have no lingering mental issues from infertility but I think it's great that some can get pregnant yesterday but my heart hurts deeply for those that cannot.)

    I think I've commented this before, but I firmly believe that God only gave me two eggs and I have now used them both!

    You could always just stop trying and see what happens...then you'll have your answer! (Bonnie said it much better than I about the whole God's timing thing.)


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